June 19, 2024

How to De-Clutter Our Smartphone?

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It is clear that we should keep our Android devices well-organized and clutter-free. This is essential, especially because we can easily add new apps. We could reach a point where we could end up having cluttered system. When our Android smartphones are badly cluttered, it is likely that it will be very difficult to handle. In this situation, we should try the best we can to organize the content. One of the areas that may need to be de-cluttered is the microSD card. Because the space in internal storage is limited, we often keep large-sized data in microSD card.

The first thing we do is to check the folder where we store pictures and videos. Some large-sized videos may no longer be needed and we don’t intend to watch them. By deleting them, we should be able to recover plenty of space. The same should also apply with pictures. Some smartphones may have the ability take bursts of photos, so it is possible that there are near-duplicates of photos that we don’t need. By having more space in our microSD card, we could have speedier access because there are fewer folders and files in the microSD card.

There are also apps that allow us to analyze the microSD card. Files can be sorted based on the size and this should allow us to identify large files that we don’t need. It is also a quick way to recover space in the microSD card. Another thing we need to clean up is bloatware. We should be aware that manufacturers could also contribute to the clutter. We should find ways whether it is possible to remove the clutter. As an example, there could be apps with foreign language, especially if our device is made in China. Bloatware could run in the background, consuming memory and processor utilization.

When removing bloatware, we should make sure that there won’t be any repercussion. As an example, the bloatware could be integrated with manufacturer’s launcher and the forced removal could cause problems. If it does happen, we may need to factory reset the device, so all the manufacturer’s apps can be restored. Contacts could also cause unnecessary clutter. As an example, this could happen when we habitually save new contacts. In a cluttered device, it is possible that we find hundreds of contacts and most of them are no longer needed.

When de-cluttering our Android device, it is important to try to regain the condition like when the phone was first bought. As an example, we could try to remove all text messages that we have read. This is particularly true for text messages with multimedia files embedded or MMS. The last thing that we should do is by removing all the bad things in our smartphone. If they are stubborn enough to remove, the only thing that we can do is usually only by performing factory reset of the device. This can be quite difficult to do, especially if there are already many apps in our device.

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