May 30, 2024

What to Do If Our Smartphone is Frozen?

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It is important to know that our smartphones don’t always work properly. It is quite likely that our device can’t work well. As an example, our smartphone can be frozen and there are things that we should do to recover it. It can be very annoying if our smartphone is clearly frozen. Unfortunately, many people simply don’t know what they should do when their smartphone is frozen. It is important for us to know how to unfrozen our device. Our smartphone could refuse to work if there’s a problematic app inside. The first thing that we should try is to force-close the device.

Each smartphone model has different way of showing apps that are running in the background. This should allow us to identify what app that can cause problems. In this case, we should look for way to force-close the app. Often, we only need to flick the problematic app and it will be closed. If this is not possible, we could open the “App” section, look for the problematic app and try to force-close it there. After we do this, we should find out that we are able to quickly regain the control of our phone. In some cases, the problem is bad enough that we are not able to access the problematic app and close it.

In this situation, the best way is to restart the device. We could press and hold the power button to open the shut down page. To speed up things, we may choose the option to restart the device. If things are worse than what we expect, the device may refuse to respond. The only way is to open the back cover and remove the battery. Put the battery back and the device should start normally. However, we couldn’t use this step if the device has a non-removable battery. This is a problem that affects many iPhone users. If we have an Apple iPhone device and we can’t restart it normally; then we should press the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time. We should see the Apple logo and the device will be restarted immediately.

If an Apple iPhone seems to freeze too often, then we may need to reset the device to the default settings. However, we should take caution, because this step will remove all of our data. So, before we do this, it is important to perform data backup. The same thing also applies with Android devices. Performing backup process should be quite easy to do. We may connect the device to the computer and check which data that needs to be backed up. We could copy the important files to the computer and for added security; we may also make a copy in flash drive or DVD. By performing these steps, we should be able to get rid of bad things from the device. If our device still freezes after we factory reset it, then there could be hardware problems. We may need to bring to the technician.

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