May 30, 2024

How To Employ Cloud Computing Security

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In spite all the worries and doubts regarding cloud computing you might unknowingly using it. It’s probably because your company has implemented it. You never know if your company has subscribed to some services like those offered by or your organization might be using internal private cloud. It’s also a possibility that hosted email is under your use. Keeping aside all these doubts and uncertainties, it’s a fact that cloud computing is being used and one has to accept its presence.

Everyone has security issues when it comes to using new technology and especially one gets more concerned about negative aspect of the product/service when media tends to create hype about it. Same thing is with the cloud computing security. But, by logically and sensibly looking at this matter, you’ll come to know that security mishaps or cyber crimes happen due to the loopholes allowed by the organization itself while using cloud computing.

For implementing cloud computing, an organization first has to know about its fundamental controls, as the whole security system would rely on it. To secure the company’s assets, steps must be followed properly in sequence, before subscribing to cloud computing, it would make all the necessary security controls in place.

In addition, a company has to focus on workload rather than cloud. Each workload has to be considered by the organization before implementing cloud. It would enable the security program to focus on workloads which have the possibility of implementing non-traditional security measures.

Higher management usually decides to implement cloud computing. As all parties and their opinions aren’t the part of decision making, it’s most probable that some security measures may remain neglected. In this situation, usability and integration challenges are faced by the organization. To avoid this, all the concerned departments of organization have to be included in decision making.

To diminish risk related to cloud computing, a proper and comprehensive plan is necessary. Plus, training and educating employees about cloud computing system would minimize the risks that may arise while using cloud.

Virtualization is an important advantage of using cloud computing. By using virtualization, the organization can appropriately manage the images, and by giving proper identification, the image could be made available when required.

The company has to take all the necessary precautionary measures before using clouds; it should verify the provider’s credibility of infrastructure and applications. To make sure the security aspects of cloud computing, the company can also check their cloud application through ethical hacking.

This type of security services can also be obtained via security log, identity and access management, and intrusion prevention, without putting any fixed expenses.

Before switching to cloud computing, some recovery program should also be considered, because of the non-perfection of cloud technologies. Important workloads have to be restored on urgent basis, in case of any attack on security. Other than this, cloud system is supposed to be properly monitored to pre- identify any security threats, by the organization.

By ensuring that all the security measures taken are flawless, the company can avoid security breaches. Besides, security plans should be reviewed frequently to keep a check on any new potential threat.

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