May 28, 2024

IBM Cloud Aids Slovenian Railways To Build Smarter Rail Roads

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Slovenia has just announced that it is going to utilize IBM’s cloud solution to augment and enhance crucial aspects for Central European Railway. Department of business operations and customer services would benefit most from it. Incorporation of cloud based centralized IT system will bestow boons like holistic view across freights and ability to keep a vigilant eye on logistics and passenger operations. Central European Railway will be able to uphold and run the traffic crosswise its network more competently and successfully.

Slovenia Railway has some extremely impressive statistics. It’s comprised of 1,200 km of railway track, carries an estimated 15.8 million tons of cargo and transports 15.3 million passengers to their destinations annually.  The railway system is a crucial link in the pan-European transportation lineup. Slovenia has rightfully chosen to modernize its IT infrastructure to cope with the increasing amount of people and goods it transports. The railway system is home to much diversified range of businesses, which includes freight transport services for passengers and commuter rail to infrastructure management.  The need to upgrade the IT infrastructure was imminent; the newly adopted cloud will cater to handling varying requirements of each group as well as separate IT service desks.

IBM Cloud Aids Slovenian Railways To Build Smarter Rail Roads

The cloud will also promote better coordination among various departments which will assist the company to provide enhanced services to customers. These enhancements will include less time spent in the queues for commuters, fewer train schedule changes and swifter response to customer queries. The new system is based on IBM smartCloud control desk and IBM Endpoint Manager which are components of IBM mobile first management solutions. The latest infrastructure brings users from affiliated Slovenian Railway companies under a unified IT service desk with a solitary point of contact available across the company. Leveraging this common IT platform, railway officers can perform tasks such as automate and manage systems in real time and help safe guard mobile and devices and other “end points” such as server machines. This will bestow railway with the malleability to allow employees to utilize the device of their choice. It will also ensure compliance with usage policies and minimization of security risks.

The aim of our services is provision of optimum level of services to the customer and to do this we require the top level technologies declared Oanovic Dragomir, CIO of Slovenian Railways. IBM smartCloud will pave the way for us to provide world class, dependable solution to centralize our IT service desk. It will also bestow other benefits like cost control and make best use of mobile solutions. Our personnel and customers will benefit immensely from IBM’S expertise and the inculcation of cloud, he further added. This will improve our operations and response time throughout the entire organization.

Other salient benefits cloud will bring are: better control over railway costs and expenditures, IT equipment purchases and warranties and compliance requirements. IBM expressed their excitement to be working in coalition with Slovenian Railways to build smarter railroad system through usage of cloud technology, as evident from Roman Kornitnik’s statement.

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