July 17, 2024

Gamescom Witnesses Radeon Sky Cloud Gaming

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Advanced Micro Devices has again collaborated with CiiNow Company to put emphasis on cloud gaming technologies at Gamescom trade-show in Germany this weekend. Gamers have a lot to look forward to as they would be able to play resource intensive games like Deus Ex Human Revolution on a low cost/ moderately configured machine and Far Cry 3 on a tablet. This is all possible due to AMD Radeon Sky 700 in collaboration with CiiNow Cumulus game streaming technology.

Gamescom  2013 will be used by AMD to unveil its AMD Radeon Sky graphics powering games streamed by CiiNow. This will also include latest gaming titles in addition to the old ones. AMD is in a collaborative relationship with multiple companies each specializing in their own field like CiiNow, G-Cluster Global and Otoy Cloud gaming service provider. This relationship will yield exceptional cloud gaming experience for habitual and just indulging gamers. The company however managed to keep a tight lid on the details of the titles it plans to demonstrate at Gamescom.

Gamescom Witnesses Radeon Sky Cloud Gaming

AMD has had a very busy year as it introduced three Radeon Sky Graphics cards. Model 900 with two Tahiti Pro (Radeon HD 7950) graphics processors, model 700 with one Tahiti Pro chip and the model 500 utilizing Pitcairn XT (Radeon HD 7870) graphics processing unit. The graphics cards are all extremely powerful capable of supporting up to six high definition game streams at once and would be compatible with a variety of server systems.

The AMD Radeon Sky graphics board for cloud gaming datacenters are comprised of GCN (graphics core next) architecture along with a secret ingredient. This secret technology is for the time being only known as RapidFire and is an amalgamation of hardware and software that enable cloud gaming partners to leverage an open API. This API eases the manipulation of crucial hardware controls to provide boons like HD visual quality, drastically reduced latency and optimal network bandwidth. These aspects combined will result in immersive and responsive gaming experience using any device over the internet. AMD has already set industry standards with API’s like OpenCL, DirectX and OpenGL, in wake of these a standard API for cloud gaming can help to bring the industry on a single platform. This will in turn drive continued innovations that benefit the industry.

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