May 30, 2024

iOS 11 Bringing Major Advancements To Your iPad and iPhone

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Top standout features coming up with iOS 11 include siri improvements, new app store, control center changes, and more other stuff.

Apple officials have recently announced the latest mobile operating system known as iOS 11. You will get a chance to explore its features this fall. Currently, the update is going through testing; yet from our great sources, we got to know about major changes that iOS 11 will bring and alter development and user experience. In this post, we will talk about these changes and how they are useful for iOS developers India and users.

  • Drag and drop

iOS 11 has a drag and drop support in which users will be able to drag and drop items between applications. On an iPad, user might drag an image from a photo album inside an email, for instance. Officials have not talked more about drag and drop on the iPhone, but they have announced that this option will be available in early iOS 11.

If this feature will be offered by iOS 11, it will create more powerful experience than ever before.

  • Peer to peer payments

Announcement for its Venmo competitor has also been done by Apple. The update will let you use Apple pay feature to send money next to the person via iMessage. It is connected with your credit or debit card to avoid messy configuration.

For instance, if your friend owes you for a pizza and pasta, you can request money via iMessage as well.

  • New app store

You will see the revamp version of apple app store soon. The screenshots available online reveal that the app store is more focused on presenting fewer, premium quality apps instead of a list of applications to dig through.

The app store includes a new section that includes games and whole sections curate by people. The latest app store design is crafted for users to offer them convenient browsing facility.

  • Siri Enhancements

Siri will be able to speak translations, though this feature is already used by Android users in their smartphone. Siri will also play music automatically of your choice, if you ask her. The app will consider the past listening list of songs and play them for you.

Siri will also use your interests to offer relevant news within the News application, will create calendar suggestions as you make reservations within Safari and can suggest movies and places you type in iMessage.

  • Control center

At present, control center lets you to make small changes to your phone. You pull the screen up from the bottom to put the phone at Airplane mode, switch off wi-fi or turn on flashlight, for instance. After the release of iOS 11 update, users will be able to control more by adding their favorite shortcuts to smart lights in your Apple TV remote, voice recorder, your activity, and lots of other stuff.

Issues with Accessories are Explained

The users for iPad are decreasing today and to counteract the market, Apple released its lowest priced version of the iPad that includes a 9.7 inch screen. The latest enhancements will occur with the release of iOS 11.

In a report, it has found that $100 pencil used with iOS devices highlights the issues with the accessories. Without buying the leather case for iPad that costs $129, there is nowhere to put the pencil. The alone pencil stand costs around $30 and available in gold, silver, and space gray color.

The issue is that it doesn’t charge the pencil. For charging, users need to plug it inside the bottom of the iPad pro.

iOS experts still have to wait to try their hands on the discussed features. We have to see whether or not the iOS 11 lived up the expectations of the users and developers.

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