April 19, 2024

Multi-Family Residence Company Waterton Residential Chooses CenterBeam as its Supplier of Cloud Computing Solutions

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Waterton Residential – a company that acquires and manages multi-family residences – chose CenterBeam Inc. as its provider of cloud computing and IT solutions, and to help them to shift to cloud. CenterBeam also aims to provide professional services to Waterton Residential for it to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

The company was selected on the basis of the expected growth figures in the following year that will result in a twofold increase in its size. To make sure the entire process is carried out as smoothly as possible, Waterton will need to shift most of its IT resources to the cloud.

CenterBeam is currently offering a wide range of services, which include managing infrastructure, communication services, collaboration services, endpoint protection and security, and backup as well as customer services.

Presently, Waterton has a separate IT department that gives support to almost 500 employees and control onsite hardware. The decision made by the company was based on careful evaluation of various cloud providers before it finally chose CenterBeam, due to its best-in-breed cloud-based IT infrastructure and efficient helpdesk, customer and professional services. CenterBeam’s services will supplement Waterton’s current internal IT team and infrastructure.

Waterton has adopted the CenterBeam 365+ communications and collaboration plan, comprising of the most recent version of Microsoft Office Desktop Productivity Suite. Along with that, it is also utilizing the Helpdesk feature that is available round the clock, Unified Endpoint Management, backup facilities, Server and Network Management and Virtual Private Server provided by CenterBeam.

CenterBeam’s team, dedicated to provide professional services, has also joined hands with Waterton to work on custom ventures such as onsite systems and mail migration support.

“CenterBeam’s comprehensive suite of services is making it very easy for us to maintain top-quality IT infrastructure and services while our company expands,” stated Gregory J. Lozinak, executive vice president and COO at Waterton Residential. “CenterBeam will free our internal IT staff from day-to-day issues, enabling them instead to focus on strategic projects designed to add value to our core business. In addition, CenterBeam will deliver a consistent level of helpdesk support for our employees, who are spread across more than 50 locations in 13 states, as well as our mobile workforce.”

CenterBeam aims to provide cloud computing and hosting services to medium-sized companies, with a focus on delivering enterprise-class IT management, services and assistance. The company’s wide-ranging services include an integrated IT solution that operates regardless of the location of a company’s infrastructure, be it within the premises or on the cloud.

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