June 14, 2024

Must-to-know Cloud Recommendations From Skyhigh

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Must-to-know Cloud Recommendations From Skyhigh

As another prosperous year for the increased recognition of Information Technology is soon going to end, experts and analysts are evaluating what has been gained in this passing away year and what is to come in future. In the same regard, Skyhigh Networks, a cloud security provider has come up with a set of predictions, naming them as 2014: The Resurrection of Enterprise IT – 11 Cloud Computing Predictions.

The report is focused on different factors impacting the idea of cloud, and at the same time studies impact of cloud on modern ways of carrying businesses. All the 11 predictions are interrelated pointing towards a similar opinion of adoption. The focal points of the report are discussed as below.

Security Risk Reduction:

Data security, which was the major obstacle in cloud adoption, is now being properly addressed by the providers by investing high resources to make the service safe and secure. The outcome can already be seen, as the figures of organizations shifting to cloud are rapidly growing.

Must-to-know Cloud Recommendations From Skyhigh

Blocking Cloud Services:

Skyhigh has also cautioned the industry players with the jeopardy involved in blocking less risky familiar cloud services, while allowing the unfamiliar ones with high risks. The founder and CEO of Skyhigh Networks, Rajiv Gupta elaborated the context by saying, “This problem isn’t necessarily IT’s fault. There were no unified cloud security tools and no consistent policies in place to manage the security, compliance, governance, and legal risks of cloud services. Our cloud usage analytics suggest that enterprises are taking action on the popular cloud services they know of and not on the cloud services that they don’t know of and that pose the greatest risk to their organization. Lack of visibility into cloud service use and risk seems to be the crux of the problem.”

Crediting SMAC:

Opining the Chief Information Officers (CIOs) at large enterprises, the report tends to advocate the significance of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) as valuable sources of useful information. The report claims that the CIOs not accommodating SMAC in the approaching time, will stoop to the Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), who are duly crediting the implication of these factors. Ranjiv Gupta added the thoughts, “Not that long ago, the IT world fretted about whether or not IT was becoming irrelevant in this service-driven world. Now, with social, mobile, analytics, and cloud trends all converging in chaotic ways and the number of service providers increasing at dizzying rates, IT will start to see themselves less as operators and providers of all IT infrastructure, applications, and devices and will start to see themselves more as the strategic enabler of services.”

Data Encryption:

As said by the report, “unencrypted data will start to disappear.” The data residing on clouds without being encrypted is at highest risk. Although there are a number of ways to prevent cloud breaches, the data on it is still vulnerable to some extent. The ultimate solution is none other than transforming it to complex encryptions.

All these notions cannot be disregarded, while entering another year of technology. The cloud service providers not complying with these may face real challenges on their way to transform businesses.

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