May 27, 2024

Panda Cloud Partner Center Has Arrived: Offers Ease and Productivity To Partners

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Since 1990, Panda Security, a cloud security solution provider has been offered its services in 195 countries of the world in more than 23 different languages. Recently, it has released a new addition of Panda Cloud Partner Center to assist channel managers effectively and easily carry out their business responsibilities.

Panda Security has come up with a latest management console of Panda Cloud Partner Center, exclusively at no cost for Panda Security partners. The new cloud console will give ease to the partners by offering a single entry point through which they can easily offer security, administration and distant/virtual monitoring services to their clients, thus helping them in capitalizing profits and simplifying their challenges.

This ease, offered through the new console, is in result of putting together new management and monitoring systems with complete cloud security solutions given by Panda Cloud Systems Management, Panda Cloud Office Protection, Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced and Panda Cloud Email Protection. This allows partners to effectively and swiftly manage the customer lifecycle, exclusive of Panda interference.

According to Manu Santamaria, product manager at Panda Security Headquarters, the new release of Panda Cloud Partner Center will enable the partners to give attention to their businesses and stop worrying about working with many cloud dealers. He said, “As vendors, we need to help our partners make their business model flexible, so the service they offer customers is not only much more effective, but also generates higher margins than simply selling licenses.”

Also, the latest edition will simplify customer management throughout the life cycle process including trial versions, licenses transferring and reinstatement. It will also help customers in finding new business prospects, license extensions and selling across products. Moreover, the new Panda Cloud Partner Center shall offer services like monitoring distant systems, events solutions and security management against malware. The new version is designed to provide speedy and autonomous services to partners.

Flexible and Productive Solutions

One important new feature offered by Panda Cloud Partner Center is the management console, a latest model of license sales. This service benefits partners in terms of selling the licenses the conventional way as well as allowing them to sell  monthly subscription services, without any fear of license expiry and updation to the new version.

It enables partners to mechanically regain cancelled licenses to their group and reassign them to other clienteles These features are available from anywhere at any time through the cloud console..

To get advantage of quantity discounts, this new version also lets partners to purchase ‘pool’ license bundles to enhance the margins. These license packs from Panda Cloud solution enhance profits and simplicity by allowing partners to use consoles directly, without Panda’s intervention, and letting them buy licenses and assigning them to customers.

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