May 30, 2024

Risks And Rewards Of Cloud Computing During Crisis

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Cloud computing has materialized as a savior of the technological world which is in the midst of disaster. However, the cloud computing is not something completely new; web, email and search engines are example of cloud computing in disguise.  Like cloud computing, which acts as a shield to protect the harmed from getting fully assaulted, the web, email and search engines also help recuperate a person or group of individuals from disastrous situations. However, since cloud computing has fully emerged with clear purpose and independent identity, many new products have been developed which specially promote positivity and progress in grave scenarios.

One of such products is the WebEOC, which acts as an agent and catalyst in bringing relief. This program lets the emergency men from every social level to get together in the pattern of a predefined and standard response. Similarly, there is another application, called Microsoft Share Point, which offers swift support during catastrophic situations. Regardless of the locations where it is executed, once installed, it promotes an active alliance among all listed members by distributing important resources and allowing exchange of different documents.

However, despite the fact that cloud computing is the most innovative and effective solution we currently have for emergency situations, its drawbacks regarding emergency management cannot be ignored; if they are not taken into consideration, results can be dire. Fully qualified experts will be required in order to develop and progress the notion of infrastructure as service in times of climatic situations. The problems like connectivity and bandwidth should never hinder communication and it should also not slow down the response time.

Moreover, there is another thing one should not ignore or disregard; the issues of cloud with the security and power cutdowns. However, these situations can be handled with making backups for the cloud, profound association between all networks involved, and the FedRAMP, Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program; it will grant certification protocol to the cloud computing.


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