May 27, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S4: Smartest Smartphone?

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Samsung unveiled its latest smartphone design, the Galaxy S4, on the 14th March. The hype finally comes to an end (almost) with the launch.

The Core

The Galaxy S4 incorporates a 1.9GHz quad core processor, 2 GB RAM, and iscapable of running 1920×1080 HD.This smartphone has come a long way from Galaxy S3.The rear camera is 13 MP and the front camera a decent 2 MP. Of course, the OS is none other than the Android 4.2.2. Storage options are 16 GB or 32 GB or 64GB on the microSD slot.

The Hardware

For the crude eye, Galaxy S4 is quite similar to the previous design (S3) by Samsung. However, the most noticeable change comes with size and the back of the phone. The size has been increased to about 5 inches, almost enlarging the screen by one third of an inch compared to S3. The model is also thinner and lighter than Galaxy S3 and weighs a mere130 g.

The Best Features

With so many awesome (literally awesome!) feature it really is unfair to start with any one.What appealed to me immediately was thedual camera function. This feature enables the simultaneous use of both cameras. This means that you can finally get in the photos even when you are the photographer. S4 takes two images, from its front and rear camera and you can then select from multiple methods to combine the two captures to produce a single photo. It can also be used for video chats.

And then there is Air Gesturewhich means that the phone detects the gestures of the user without him or her touching the phone. You can pick up the call by a mere wave of hand, scroll up and down using Air Gesture when your hands are . . . well in a mess let’s say. This new feature can indeed come in handy.

The galaxy S4 is now your own private and personal doctor who’s always by your side. Applications can be used to measure heart rate and take Calorie Count. With the proper extensions, you can even measure blood glucose level and blood pressure! With the right touches it can measure temperature and humidity data through its two new sensors. The Calorie Counter can also be used to propose a healthy diet based on your desired calories.

The Galaxy S4 include numerous other amazing applications such as the Smart Pause where your new best friend detects your eye movements during (let’s say) a movie and smartly pauses it while you look around. As soon as you look back to the screen, it smartly resumes too!
The ChatOn application, the Group Play function, and many others are the outstanding features introduced in this smartphone.

The Bottom Line

The phone is anticipated to be available worldwide by the end of April. As soon as the price is announced and the phone is available, I will be there to buy it! Would you?

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