July 18, 2024

Save Your PC Using Your Flash Drive

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USB flash drives are a very popular tool, and for good reasons. They are small, easy to install and can hold a large amount of data at once. It they are so useful, it would be a crime not to have one. Now, there is another reason why you should bring one around at all times, as you can use your USB to lock down your PC.

Predator is a small application for Windows that allows you to lock down your PC using nothing but your flash drive. What happens is that as the PC automatically locks down after you remove your flash drive, even while it is still on. Helpful when your PC is under attack by a hacker. Read on to learn how to use this program, as well as how the program works.

How to install

First things first: download Predator and install it into the PC. Once it is installed, run the application and you will receive a message box telling you that you will need to define a password and a key with the Preferences dialog. Insert your USB flash drive and click on “OK” to proceed. You will be shown a preference window, complete with settings like screen darkness and check boxes for different settings like hiding desktop icons, enabling pauses, checking for updates, and more. Also in this screen is a field where you can put in a new password if this is your first time using the program, and below that, is where you can choose where to create your key. Choose the drive which is the same as your flash drive and click on “Create Key”, then “OK”. After doing so, check the system tray if the Predator icon(which should be a lock) is blinking. Once the program has finished doing its thing, you are now ready to lock down your PC.

Predator in action

When you remove your flash drive while Predator is active, your PC will lock down, darkening your screen and rendering your keyboard and mouse inactive. Don’t worry, you can return everything to normal by sticking in your USB flash drive back in. During this period, attempts to use the computer by anyone will be recorded in the log file. You can also choose to set an alarm that will go off when someone attempts to use it during the lockdown period.

Predator uses your flash drive as an access control device; meaning it cannot modify the data stored inside it. Not only that, Predator also changes the security code of your flash drive frequently. Meaning if someone tries to copy the data in your flash drive, they still won’t be able to access it; in the meantime, the code in your flash drive will change by itself. Also, the Task Manager cannot be accessed while the PC is in lockdown, so anyone who tries to Ctrl+Alt+Del will be in for a disappointment.

In the off-chance you lose your flash drive, you can regain access to your computer and stop the lockdown with the password you provided when you first used the program.

And that is how to use the Predator program to lock your PC down and prevent anyone from using it. Seeing as it makes your whole PC become unusable, as well as detecting anyone who tries to use it, Predator is a useful tool for catching any hackers who try to take over your PC.

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