June 17, 2024

SEO strategies for videos

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Videos have become common content these days and they allow better interaction with users. We should be able to participate in different social platforms. It should be easy to deliver information that can’t be easily performed using simple text and images. Videos are typically uploaded in YouTube and other video sharing platforms, but we should know how to improve SEO performance of each video. The best thing that we should do is by using attention-grabbing and interesting title that must include primary keywords. With proper strategy, we shouldn’t be worried about getting lost in the online crowd. Many YouTube videos can get millions of views due to their interesting content and intriguing titles. Whatever we do, it is important to make sure that our videos will be noticed by users. Other than YouTube, we could also post our videos at other online services. If we put our videos at different platforms, it is quite possible that they will go viral and we will be able to get both SEO benefits and direct traffic for our website.

Another important section where we can pur our keywords is the description. It is where people can learn more about our videos. Description should be closely related to the title and we need to weave our keywords into the description. It means that visitors will be able to find our videos much more easily in YouTube and other video sharing services. The most crucial step is to put our URL in the description box. It is better to prioritize on the most relevant webpage and we may still put our primary domain name under it. If our videos are interesting enough, people should be eager to learn more and they will visit our website to find more information. If a video manages to attract 100,000 views; about 5 percent of viewers may decide to visit our website. However, we may be able to achieve this only if we show the URL inside the video and urge people to visit. It should be known that YouTube and other major video sharing platforms use no-follow tags in the description box. It means that there could be minimal or even zero SEO benefits that we can get.

However, as our webpages start to get sizable traffic, search engines will start to notice and it is possible that we will get her ranking as a result. If our webpages are interesting enough, visitors will create URL of our webpages in their social media accounts and websites. This will help to boost SEO performance and it is possible that trickle of SEO juice will start to flow days after our videos go viral. Another thing to consider is to use the proper type of thumbnails. Other than interesting titles, we should make sure that thumbnails could attract people.  Thumbnails can be auto-generated by the video sharing platform; but it is better if we create our own thumbnail with interesting graphics elements. URL of videos in YouTube can also be posted in social media accounts and our own website to further increase traffic.

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