May 20, 2024

Stackdriver Launches Its Cloud Based Monitoring Services For Businesses

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Stackdriver has come up with a cloud monitoring service for public cloud users to check their cloud performance and receive real-time alerts in case of any issues.

A recently conducted study has revealed that an increasing number of cloud users are not satisfied with the cloud monitoring tools coupled with their cloud infrastructure. However, a new monitoring solution is now offered by Boston based Stackdriver ― a public testing beta version of their Stackdriver Monitoring Service, to assist businesses working in the clouds.

Dan Belcher, the co-founder of Stackdriver while explaining about Stackdriver’s smart monitoring service said, it will inform businesses about any potential bottlenecks or hotspots that can cause trouble to their cloud infrastructure. He added that they identify issues in real-time such that they do not turn into real problems. The monitoring service examines infrastructure mechanism and cloud applications, hence identifying problems through analytics and machine learning. After identification, through its proprietary framework, it quickly offers a solution.

“We were surprised by the instant demand from companies that mainly use Amazon Web Services (AWS) ― including SaaS vendors and media organizations that get benefits from AWS services like Simple Queuing Service or Elastic Load Balancers, and free software solution providers such as Nginx, Apache, or Redis,” said Belcher. He even stated that most of their cloud customers in the past used to invest on their own managed monitoring systems and then struggled to keep them updated, as the setup expanded in size and became more intricate.

Stackdriver in a statement said that it  supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Rackspace Cloud,  along with managing almost 100,000 cloud resources with processing of over 125 million datapoints on a daily basis..

According to the press release which declared the beta version, it is open for Edmodo, Yellowhammer, Exablox, Atomwise and Webkite customers to assist them in executing their cloud activities through efficient cloud monitoring.

Kimo Rosenbaum, Edmodo’s Senior Infrastructure Architect stated in a remark that before Stackdriver’s monitoring service, he used to spend a lot of time using outdated tools not designed for latest applications. However, since Stackdriver has made the monitoring easy, it allows him to monitor 600+ EC2 instances, AWS services, and free source application constituents using solitary interface designed for managing cloud setups. He regularly uses Stackdriver to effectively and efficiently control his cloud environment.

Stackdriver in August 2012 received $5 million as a Series A Grant from Bain Capital Ventures to execute their plan of helping companies operate and administer their applications running on and across public cloud setups.

Though Stackdriver’s major opponents are Datadog and Boundary, old management vendors like IBM Tivoli , and CA Technologies are also in the ring.,  As there is more competition and shift  of businesses towards cloud infrastructure, there is a growing need for consistent, reliable and real-time monitoring tools to help cloud customers and businesses monitor their cloud performance and find any trouble spots.

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