July 17, 2024

The Situation of Cloud Computing Around the Globe: Australia

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Cloud computing promises a number of benefits for the corporate world, which has led to its adoption by many companies around the globe. As indicated by recent trends and figures, several Australian organizations have switched to cloud computing because of not only the cost savings it offers, but also the increased productivity, flexibility, efficiency, reduced time-to-market, and long-term client relationships that come with it.

Cloud computing with regard to Australian industry can be divided into three categories: Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. Normally, companies adopt cloud infrastructure for a specific application, and then apply it to other areas as well. Alternatively, companies may choose to adopt cloud computing to store their applications outside the company premises in large data-centers, thus improving the efficiency and capacity of their IT resources. Other motivations of implementing cloud include the pay-as-you-go feature, access to wide-ranging cloud applications, and preference for virtualization. Cloud services cater to a number of business areas, including customer relationship management, project management, travel management, helpdesk, accounting and finance, etc.

Considering its benefits, it is expected that cloud computing will be adopted by even more companies in Australia in the near future. The shift to cloud computing often depends on factors such as risk aversion, the number of years since a particular cloud service has been established, and overall intricacy of the present IT system. Sometimes, companies also shift back from the cloud as they feel the need to control their data on premises.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Increased Efficiency and Cost-Savings

Enhanced productivity, efficiency, improved speed and cost-savings are some of the major benefits of cloud computing experienced by organizations. There is less capital expenditure involved, along with reduced labor and maintenance costs, which makes cloud computing a reasonable option.


The elimination of unnecessary operations streamlines the entire process of managing and maintaining cloud computing, and reduces overhead costs. Executing updates has also become easier than before, and individually uploading patches is no longer necessary.

Relocation of Employees

Contrary to popular belief, cloud computing does not result in loss of jobs; instead, it merely repositions employees to more important tasks and operations. This results in reduced costs and increased productivity, as employees can now handle those tasks that require more attention, instead of day-to-day ones that can be performed automatically.


Flexibility and scalability resulting from cloud computing allows companies to pay for only the services that they have utilized – nothing more and nothing less. This further reduces costs and saves business resources. Storage capacity can also be increased without taking on additional space on servers.


All the above-mentioned benefits make cloud computing adaptable to changing trends and market conditions, allowing companies to thrive in changing times by implementing ideas, expanding to different areas and adjusting their operations in a cost-effective manner.

Innovation and Revolution

The combined benefits of cloud computing allow businesses to identify market opportunities and capitalize on them. With more funds freed up due to lower operational costs, businesses can concentrate on improving their product/service quality along with charging lower prices for them.

The advantages mentioned here are just a few of the preliminary ones – there is much more to cloud computing, which has piqued companies’ interest in this global phenomenon. Cloud computing is a must if businesses want to survive in this fast-paced and rapidly changing corporate world, where every other company is readily adopting it to revolutionize its operations. All in all, cloud computing is a continually evolving model that has more surprises in store for everyone who choose to adopt it.              


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