July 18, 2024

Top Myths and Facts Of Cloud Computing In IT Industry

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Cloud computing is still an emerging technology. It’s growing at a rapid pace as users realize the benefits of embracing cloud-based solutions. But like any new technology, there are many common misconceptions about cloud computing. These misunderstandings lead to confusion and reluctance about the reliability, affordability and security of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing is Standard

In fact, it’s far from standard. It’s understandable that people unfamiliar with the concept would view the service as standard. Their exposure to cloud-based unified and open storage solutions if limited to free services and premium packages offered to consumers for storing recipes and family photos.

Cloud computing is perhaps one of the most individualized and customizable technologies available on the market. Options exist to tailor the service to exactly meet the needs of the users. Amount of space, ease of access, redundancy and backup features are individually configured to the needs of the client.

Cloud Computing is Highly Secured

The correct version of this statement should read cloud computing can be highly secure, but it is often not. It can never be as secure as an off-grid data center with restricted access. The very nature of cloud-computing is that it allows users to connect from anywhere. Most of these connections are provided by the Internet. As such, anyone with an Internet connection potentially has access to every bit of cloud-based data connected to the Web.

However, security practices are in place that control access to cloud-based data. Most data is as secure in the cloud as it is on a computer connected to the Internet. The key to maintaining a secure cloud computing service lies with the service provider. They directly control the access to your data.

Cloud Computing is Very Easy to Implement

It’s not. Like before, a cloud-based solution for family photos is easy. A true virtualized cloud computing solution is much more difficult. It takes the abilities of experienced people with the right tools to set up a reliable and secure cloud-based infrastructure. There are many variables that need to be addressed and many issues to be resolved when customizing a solution to meet the needs of a client.

Meant for Large Scale Organizations

Cloud computing certainly has the image that it’s only for large corporation. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s ideally suited to offer value and functionality to businesses of all size, and even individuals and groups. The same scalability of cloud computing that makes it attractive to large corporations is also the reason why it works for smaller solutions. A service that can easily scale to meet the rising and falling needs of a large multinational can be easily scaled down to meet the needs of a small business owner.

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