May 28, 2024

Videogame Conventions You Have To Visit Before You Die

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Video game conventions are organized events that gather several gamers to take part in various kinds of gaming. Some game conventions give attention to video gaming, with huge prizes and tournaments, while some revolve around pen and paper roleplaying games. Below are consumer video game conventions and why they are the best.


BlizzCon 2016

It was first organized by Blizzard Entertainment back in 2005. It is an annual gaming convent held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. It honors Blizzard’s many popular franchises like StarCraft, Diablo, and Warcraft. Anyone wishing to attend can buy tickets at but bear in mind they sell out fast!

AFA 2016 - Mercy | Overwatch


  • There are announcements for new content for Blizzard franchises.
  • Fans can preview upcoming games.
  • There Q&A sessions with Blizzard best developers.
  • Host playable demos of new or existing games.
  • Costume contests.

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East

PAX East 2014

It’s an annual game festival held in Seattle, Washington. PAX East was started in Boston in 2010. It was Founded by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. It was created as a weekend-long festival of gamer culture. It includes features such as panels on game industry topics, game-inspired concerts, keynote speech, exhibitor booths, after-hours parties, tournaments and free play areas.


  • It is Open to the public.
  • It is Created by gamers for gamers.
  • There is Omegathon video game tournament.
  • Features amazing keynote speakers.

E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo

E3 2016

Is a yearly trade show organized for the video games and computer industry and is hosted by the Entertainment Software Association. Almost every new game and hardware release in the United States turns up at E3 first. It’s only open to people who work in the industry, though, so not everyone can attend.


  • There are major game announcements.
  • Hundreds of playable demos from every major publisher are available.
  • Lots of swag for attendees.
  • A lot of the convention can be viewed online or on TV.

San Diego Comic-Con International

San Diego Comic-Con

It is a yearly fan convention event founded by Shel Dorf and a group of people from San Diego. It spans to nearly forty years now, having been started in 1970. Traditionally, it is a four-day event held in summer at San Diego, California at the San Diego Convention Center.


  • Hosts comic book workshops, panels, and seminars.
  • Features esteemed comic book artists, writers, and publishers.
  • There are previews of upcoming comics, review sessions with some of the companies, and video game previews.
  • Hosts a Masquerade. This a costume contest of different comic book characters. It is like cosplay, in Japanese terms. It is a major crowd drawer.

EGX (previously named Eurogamer Expo)

EGX 2016

It’s an annual gaming convention held in the United Kingdom. It is the largest gaming event in the United Kingdom. The first convention took place at Old Truman Brewery as part of the London Games Festival 2008. Over four thousand people attended it. If it’s is your first time participating, you can rent a car in London at a very affordable price.


  • Biggest game convention in Britain.
  • Open to the public.
  • Showcases the best games, developments, and tech that the industry has to offer.
  • Provides a wide variety of merchandise for gamers buy.

In conclusion, gaming conventions provide a forum for the gaming industry to interact with its consumers. It also connects different people from all over the world who share the same passion of video games. This gives a wholesome experience and that is why you should take time to visit the above gaming conventions.

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