July 17, 2024

5 Up-And-Coming Tech Companies

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While tech companies don’t carry as much weight in the stock market as they did 25 years ago, there is a new wave of tech firms that are making tremendous breakthroughs in the industry. And while established companies like Microsoft and Apple have focused on business technology, newer companies like Facebook and Twitter are focusing on its social aspects. We live in a digital age, and it will continue to accelerate as we move into the next decade.

Here is a list of five up-and-coming tech companies that you should pay attention to this year.

1. Snapchat

5 Up-And-Coming Tech Companies

Snapchat is a new player in the social media market, and it has experienced tremendous growth in 2016. It gives people an easy way to share photos and videos, and it can be done in real-time. The platform has become increasingly popular among millennials, and it has a mobile app that will work on almost any smartphone. This could be a major concern if I wanted to sell my phone to get a new one.

2. Pinterest

5 Up-And-Coming Tech Companies

Pinterest is another social media platform that has gained popularity in the last few years. It’s already raised $5 billion in capital, and it’s generating more revenue than Facebook. Like Snapchat, it has a mobile app. So, it’s easy to browse through pins while you’re on the go, and you can use a mobile device to post them to your account.

3. Uber

5 Up-And-Coming Tech Companies

Founded in 2009, Uber could be the next multi-billion-dollar company to come out of Silicon Valley. It allows people to call for a ride right from their smartphones. While the company has faced a number of legal battles, it continues to grow, and it has given cab companies certain challenges with which they have been forced to face. Uber is also talking about starting a delivery service, and they have been aggressively raising capital so they can grow their business. If you sell Samsung phones, you can use it as a selling point.

4. Twitch

5 Up-And-Coming Tech Companies

The video game industry is huge, and Twitch has given people a way to enjoy the gaming experience. People can do live streams of them playing video games, and they have the option to make money off the traffic they generate. Twitch has the fourth largest site in terms of generating traffic, and it’s just behind Netflix, Google, and Apple. Amazon was making plans to buy the site for $970 million, but the deal was rescinded in 2014.

5. SpaceX

5 Up-And-Coming Tech Companies

Because of the nature of its business, SpaceX could be the most important company on the list. It’s a space transportation company that was founded by Elon Musk, who was the CEO of Tesla Motors. SpaceX hopes to lower the cost of space exploration, and it wants to help with the colonization of Mars. It also signed a contract with NASA so it can help them build a more efficient system for transporting astronauts to and from the ISS.


The technology market has changed face since the dawn of the new millennium, and there have been tremendous breakthroughs in digital culture over the last few years. Social media has become an integral part of people’s lives, and that pattern will continue to develop in the not-so-distant future. These are just a few tech companies that you should keep an eye on, because they have grown in popularity and can change the way we live our lives.


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