April 13, 2024

What is the Future of Cloud Computing?

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$270 Billion in 2012 and $148 billion in 2014, these are the predictions by Market Research Media and Gartner Predicts respectively regarding the growth of the cloud computing in the near future.  An individual doesn’t have to be an expert to see that cloud computing is growing at an unprecedented rate. One of the reasons for this growth is that the economies of scale that are achieved due to joint IT servers have pushed the organizations towards cloud computing-based solutions.

If the current growth rate of cloud computing remains the same then cloud computing will become almost inevitable for every business, pretty soon. As every business will try to seize the cloud infrastructure, platforms hosted in the cloud and the business applications for the cloud, the growth will continue.

Analysts and global leaders predict some of the facts related to cloud computing in the near future as.

A Majority of Businesses adopt Cloud Computing

Moore’s Adoption Curve theories state that premature pragmatic majority is quite dissimilar from innovators and imaganative primitive adopters. According to the Moore’s curve, whenever a new technology arrives, it is first adopted by the innovators and the early adopters. Analysts believe that cloud computing right now is at that stage of the Moore’s curve where only innovators and early adopters have adopted the technology. Due to all the hype, it might seem that a vast majority of businesses have adopted the technology, but that is not true fully.

Analysts believe that, in 2013, the majority of businesses will shift towards adopting cloud computing or at least start to look at cloud computing as a serious option.

Emergence of Local Cloud Networks

One of the biggest issues with cloud computing is that of trust, data protection and proximity. Analysts believe that due to these issues businesses will prefer to adopt the Cloud Hosting services of Local Networks, since these networks will be better equipped to provide face-to-face assistance to their customers. Every business wants to lower its risks while taking new decisions and with Local Cloud Hosting Networks the risk of adopting the new technology and trusting another party with your data is somewhat minimized.

Advancement in Community Clouds

Community clouds are formed when a subset of public clouds are tailored to meet the needs of a specific industry e.g. healthcare, finance etc. Analysts observe that the trend of community clouds is rapidly growing in 2012 and they predict that it will continue to do so in 2013. Part of the reason in the growing trend of community clouds is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a regulatory body of standards of health care related to data storage.

A company would prefer community cloud if it is widely saturated geographically. The continuous rise in the community clouds can be contributed to the fact that a lot of government industries are and will be shifting towards cloud computing.

Forrester predicts that cloud computing market will grow to six times its size from now, in one decade. This growth presents a huge business opportunity for existing large as well as small organizations. The early movers’ advantage is still with the early adopters but there are still a lot of benefits to reap for the organizations from this new technology, which has the potential to completely change the way business is done through out the world.

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