May 20, 2024

What will Cause the Cloud Failure….

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Be it new software or new devices we love latest technology. However if you don’t understand any of them you are walking on the highway of disaster where you should expect huge disasters when proceeding into the cloud. Unfortunately, too many people in IT adore the technology blindly especially when you talk about the new-for- them cloud. This is increasingly becoming a problem thus attention should be paid to this matter.

Foundational planning in process of cloud computing is known to be a construction complication. Consideration of the enterprise comprehensively is also required initializing with the functions, data, benefits, and storing services. It is imperative to understand where it is and what it does.

Moreover you then should create a cost model stating your spending. Do list down any inabilities. These inabilities consistently damage the business and can include things such as inefficiency in accessing the required customer data at the required time.

Next, you should list down all the inefficiencies in the order of their importance, from the atrocious to the not-so-bad. The use of the cloud computing technology should be considered now. This should include grass root patterns that are imperative to address the requirements of the organization, such as Iaas, SaaS, PaaS.

Once this is done, a three to five year planning which covers the costs, resources required and sequence of the project should be made. Whether or not to use cloud computing depends on the project team with proper guidance and standards. The technology should be considered in the light of the needs; else, it will result in misalignment of the technology and soon will fail.

However, to proof your concept you can set up labs but that requires money. This idea is worthwhile as it provides great feedback on the authentic use of technology.

The main problem is that the enterprises are hurrying into cloud computing without comprehending the technology with account to the troubles they should be working on. The planning required to arrange for everything isn’t burdensome but it is a must for success.

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