July 17, 2024

Why Are Oppo Phones Are Comparatively Cheaper Than Other Brands?

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Why Are Oppo Phones Are Comparatively Cheaper Than Other Brands?

Samsung is the biggest smartphone maker, though Huawei comes in at a very close second. After that, there is the ever-present Apple and Xiaomi, and uncomfortably (or comfortably for Oppo) close is Oppo. A few years ago, you probably would have never thought that brands like Oppo and Vivo would become so popular in the minds of smartphone customers.

Oppo has dominated sales, not only in its native China, but also in India. After nothing short of conquering the south east Asian market, these brands are now turning their eyes to Western markets aggressively.

Both Oppo and Vivo are competing with each other, in terms of affordability and innovation, but here’s the thing — they are owned by the same parent company, BBK Electronics in China. The company owns the famous OnePlus phone brand too.

Now here’s another revelation; BBK Electronics owns Realme too. With such a diverse range of phones in the market, and within brands, a phone exists to match each market segment. BBK is set to target more profits in the future. Oppo mobiles under 15,000 INR come under the lower price categories of smartphones, but they have so much to offer.

Oppo’s Offerings

Chinese smartphones have captured at least 40% of the market share in smartphones globally. The world now knows that Chinese firms can build a smartphone that meets global standards of excellence. Shedding the reputation of making cheap clones of bigger brands, Chinese companies like Oppo are driving innovations like foldable designs and unique pop-up cameras.

This offers leads for other smartphone manufacturers to pick up on. Oppo came out before the immensely sought-after Vivo, and made a name for itself because of its great price for fantastic value. Among young consumers, Oppo seems to offer more for less.

India is a country in which the majority of the population belongs in the “youth” category. For young people, just starting out in life, or from low income groups, Oppo promises style and functionality like no other inexpensive smartphone brand.

Today, you have an excellent Oppo mobile that comes with 4GB RAM. This is enough for a great smartphone experience in a first phone, maybe for a student. During the pandemic, sales of Oppo have increased even more as the world switched to online learning. There was a drastic demand by parents, to buy cheap phones for e-learning for their children.

The Best Oppo Phones

Oppo offers a wide range of smartphones to encourage consumers to buy them. With loads of phones from Find models in the top tier, to the Reno mid-range models, there are at least two Oppo phone series that will satisfy your requirements.

If you are a budget buyer, then the Oppo A-line devices will suit you well. These are low-cost Oppo mobiles under 15,000 INR. Somehow, Oppo manages to offer all the features smartphone users need and blend this with low price. Oppo phones, you will discover, have an unconventional naming system, such as Reno and Find. The pick of the lot is the Find X2 Pro by Oppo.

Though pricey when you compare it with other models with similar specs, it offers excellent value. It has a superb display, powerful chip and a camera that can rival any high-end phone. Software, according to experts, is also of a premium level. You can buy an affordable Oppo phone like the oppo reno 3 pro in 8GB RAM versions with an appealingly large screen. This is a great first phone choice and won’t hurt your pocket.

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