May 30, 2024

Speed Up Your Smartphone With These Secret Hacks

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Speed Up Your Smartphone With These Secret Hacks

If you have had your phone with you for a while, then it must have surely slowed down over time. You may be wondering how to speed it up, and if there are ways to do so. But what you may not know is that there are multiple hacks for improving your phone’s speed, making it more responsive and snappier as well. Here are a few of them.

Make sure your phone is updated

Make sure that your phone is completely updated. Check and see if your bug fix, UP skin, new version of Android or a patch which come along are all updated. These will help speed up the phone. If you want to understand whether or not your phone needs to be updated, then follow this path: Settings > About Device > Software Update. Ensure that you figure out updates for apps such as emulators or Google Play services, since they control the phone.

Install a custom ROM

Install a custom ROM or new version of Android. This will be the case especially if your carrier, or Google, aren’t particularly forthcoming when it comes to updates. This will allow you to install mods which are built by the community. And in turn it will allow you to access more features, or provide you with better performance. It will also let you jump directly to the latest Android version even if your device doesn’t really support it.

Clear your home screen

If your home screen is too cluttered, then you need to clear it up sometimes. If you have a live wallpaper that keeps showcasing the weather, news, social feeds amongst other things (especially with Bixby feeds), then you need to get rid of it. You can switch to a different and much better launcher, as it might speed things up a bit.

Reduce animations

While this may not really speed up the phone, it will definitely make everything seem a little faster. This is because it reduces the transition time between screens. This is true particularly for 6GB RAM phones. This because the higher RAM phones task is distributed that makes multitasking easy.

Force GPU rendering

You can force GPU rendering, which will essentially use your phone’s GPU rendering than software rendering. This will be for some 2D elements that aren’t working with this option. It will lead to smooth animations, fast UI rendering, and more space for your CPU.

Switching to SKIA

You can swap your GPU rendering engine to SKIA, especially if you use Android Nougat OS or above. This reduces lag in games. You can also try out Force 4X MSAA which is an anti-aliasing method. It won’t allow games to run faster, but it might make them look prettier. This will be available in the Developer Options menu. It might cause a slowdown and drain battery, but it is still worth a try.

Enable data saver mode

Enable data saver mode to speed up your browsing experience, as it allows for low data usage by compressing pages and allowing faster load times. It might affect the image quality, but it will be worth it.

Your data speeds will play a role in this case, as your web page will need to be sent to Google for compression. Only then can it be sent to your device. Cached data should also speed up your phone, but it might have a negative influence if it is a lot of cache. So you need to clear your cache occasionally as well. You can use apps such as CCleaner to do so.

Turn off auto-sync

Your phone might be slowing down while there is a new app being downloaded or installed. This may happen even if the phone is new, and is otherwise behaving decently. When your apps are syncing, something might be happening behind-the-scenes.

To avoid the phone from slowing down, you can then go to the accounts menu in your settings and turn off the option of ‘automatically sync data’. But be mindful of the apps which you are installing, and which might be syncing in the background.

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