June 19, 2024

3 Channels to Promote Products Without Having A Blog Or Website

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3 Channels to Promote Products Without Having A Blog Or Website

The internet has generated the possibility of generating income online, without the need to have a formal job with schedules, tasks and often, without even leaving home. Today, it is possible to obtain profitability by making your own working hours in different market segments.

One of the ways to make money on the internet is by acting as an Affiliate in programs for selling digital products. The Affiliate is the professional who discloses the product of third parties, in exchange for a commission for each sale made.

This is a good option for those who want to work in the digital market, but are not interested in having their own product.

Although Affiliates do not work on product development, they are the majority responsible for the sale and, therefore, they need to use their internet channels and their influence to attract potential buyers for the product, and be persuasive enough to show that, that solution is ideal for the problem the audience faces.

One of the main channels used by these professionals for this purpose has been the blog, but there are other ways to educate the public and it is about them that we will talk about in today’s post.

Of course, we still recommend that you keep a  blog  updated if you want to work as an Affiliate, as this is a fundamental channel for building your authority, but what we are going to do here is to show other means that have a similar influence on your followers and that can help multiply your commissions.

  1. Social Networks: great audience, lots of sales!

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, regardless of your favorite social network, they are excellent showcases to publicize a potential product. Take advantage of this to generate more conversions and increase your profits.

The first step is to choose the most suitable products to advertise. This choice must be in line with the theme you address on your channels, so as not to confuse the people who follow you. A person who sells a healthy lifestyle tends to choose products about weight loss, natural cooking and physical exercise, for example.

This consistency is essential, otherwise people feel that you are “pushing” a product, and not indicating something that they genuinely believe in, and that can bring results to them.

Next, you must identify what the most latent needs of your audience are that that product can act on. You can do this by analyzing the comments on your channels and, especially, the profiles of your users. But don’t worry, as tools like Google Analytics can give you important tips in this regard, by showing what type of search users do to reach your page.

It is also interesting to follow the discussions on your page and in forums related to the topic you are addressing, to find the ideal time to promote a product.

Now that you have chosen a product, and you already know “who” you want to talk to, it is essential to choose the social networks that concentrate the greatest number of potential customers in order to optimize your advertising efforts and deliver more value to your audience.

Think of it this way, if your users do not use twitter to find out, this channel may not be the most suitable for your performance. It does not make sense to have a strategy that includes multiple channels and invest in creating content, if people do not engage with that content and feel motivated to take action.

Ways to advertise a product on social media

To advertise a product you will first need to have an Affiliate link. It allows you to identify the person responsible for that sale and process the commissions correctly. This link is also known as Hotlink and it is automatically generated when you join the product.

Through the link of the chosen infoproduct, made available on the mediation platform between producer and affiliate, you can promote the chosen digital products to your entire network of contacts.

To do this, develop reviews about the material and associate it with the possible needs of your relationship network.

Tools like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads can also be used to increase your sales as an Affiliate. On these platforms, it is necessary to consider the cost of acquisition of each customer, the conversion of sales and the value of the commission to be sure that the return on investment makes the action viable.

It is also important to observe the advertising rules of each network so as not to be penalized. Ads with landing pages that use inappropriate language, products that are considered harmful or that in some way incite violence are not approved. See the main reasons why your page is penalized on Facebook.

SEO to attract visibility

SEO (Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques that aim to improve the user experience on your page and, consequently, improve your rankings in the main search engines.

These techniques not only apply to text pages, but can also be used to attract visibility to your YouTube channel, which can be used to promote your products.

If you work as a digital influencer and are interested in promoting products to your base, creating content optimized for a keyword and having creative thumbnails can represent a significant increase in your accesses.

With more than 1 billion users, YouTube is now the second largest online search engine, behind only Google. In other words, we are talking about a network with great potential for generating business, as long as you know how to use it correctly.

Valuable content

Social networks also allow you to participate in specific groups or lists, of different subjects.

If you know how to segment these contacts according to the profile of the advertised content, you have a great chance of making more sales. The strategy in these cases is similar to disclosure in your personal profile: take advantage of the content by creating interesting comments or reviews about your product.

Having a professional channel on these networks, such as a Fanpage on Facebook, for example, increases the chances of conversion.

In these channels, you can develop an audience growth strategy – to obtain a more consistent basis for boosting sales – by establishing your authority in a specific work niche.

You can, for example, create a Fanpage about quick tips on personal finances and, in the midst of the content, publicize the product sales links with the reviews or instructions on how the material can be useful to this audience.

  1. Discussion forums: looking for information contained in the material you disseminate

The discussion forums on the web address various subjects. The advantages of this channel is that it is highly segmented, in addition to involving people in search of information and answers that are in the digital products to which you are an Affiliate.

With a strategy similar to that of social networks, you can use this channel to indicate the purchase of these infoproducts to answer a multitude of questions from the audience. For this, make sure the quality of the information contained in the product chosen for disclosure.

Search online forums or even complaint sites to find the demands of your audience that are being overlooked by Producers and brands. These are the pains you must act on, delivering quality content and solving problems, before proposing the purchase.

If you deliver value to your prospect without asking for anything in return, activate the mental trigger of reciprocity, which makes this user more aware when you introduce the offer.

This process is not always as fast as simply copying and pasting an Affiliate link, but it generates more sustainable results for your business, as you are creating a much more educated customer about the solution you are advertising.

  1. E-mail marketing: direct communication to increase sales

Even before social networks, e-mail marketing was already a tool used by entrepreneurs to maintain a relationship with their audience. Even today, it is a very effective tool for delivering content in an assertive manner, mainly because it does not have so many filters and restrictions to deliver your content organically.

From the moment the user fills out a form and authorizes you to contact him, you have a direct communication channel to present your offer and advance this user through all the stages of your sales funnel, until he feel safe to make the purchase.

For this, you can offer alternative content that encourages registration on a landing page, which can be inserted in a tab of your Facebook Fanpage, for example, since you do not have a blog or a website for that.

In an email marketing strategy, just as important as the content you send, is to send it to the right people. So, before thinking about the message, you need to create   specific nutrition flows for each stage the lead is in: knowledge, consideration, decision.

Only through this segmentation will it be possible to deliver content in line with the expectations of your audience and make the offer to those users who are already prepared to buy your product.

It is worth mentioning, again, that the financial return will not be immediate, but it has a greater chance of being recurrent, since you are concerned with delivering something of value to your base.

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