May 27, 2024

Internet History Tracker Make Employees Focused At Workplace

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Internet History Tracker Make Employees Focused At Workplace

You can observe how some colleagues are scolded by the team lead in front of all employees. They were using an instant messaging app during the meeting and the meme made them laugh out loud. Lol right.? They were asked to leave the meeting room right away, and the inside news is they are going to ban using instant messaging apps and any other kind of distraction during the working hours. We would not say this is unfair as they practically dug their own grave by using the smartphone and getting distracted. But the complete ban on using a cellphone or instant messaging app is a bit too much. That means why not go for other options. 

For example, options that can be considered a bit flexible for both employees and employers. That will make the employees more focused and attentive and also satisfies the employer’s demands and needs. One of the options to deal with all the distracted employees is the use of employee monitoring software.  An efficient internet history tracker like TheOneSpy can do the work. In fact, features offered by the android tracking app can be a huge addition in increasing the efficiency of the monitoring system of the organization.

Keep An Eye On the Browsing History:

Working hours are for work only. In this age, no office work is possible without the internet facility. Thus as an employer make sure your employees use the web service for work purposes only. The app provides a track internet browsing history feature for this purpose. Users can know about all the web content visited by the employees during working hours. TheOneSpy records about every click of the target employees with complete timestamp information. Watch out all the shopaholics, no online shopping is allowed from the office from now onwards. 

Any Social Media Obsessed Employees In The Team? :

The app offers complete social media monitoring features that provide reports about every activity of Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat to the user. Know about all the obsessed social media user who wastes precious working hours in useless browsing on different social media platforms.

Check the Bookmarked Folder:

Want to know if your employees are deliberately working on the assigned projects or are searching for movie recommendations ?. You can easily know about the frequently visited sites of the employees by using the bookmarked folder access feature of the spy app. Check out the employee’s interests during office hours by diving into their bookmarked folder. All of this is possible remotely so no need to worry about physically accessing the target employee’s official gadget.

Block All The Diverting Sites:

If you are worried that the employees are getting used to wasting time on useless browsing, entertainment sites, online shopping, and other content, then your problem is solved. The spy app has got you covered. Instead of a complete ban on the use of cellphone during working hours, you can selectively eliminate all the distractions from your employee’s life. The software allows the user to block certain sites from the target device by offering a web filtering feature to the user. Block all the entertaining sites and make better use of the working hours.

All the digital recording of the target employees are recorded in the form of short videos by the app. These recordings are then uploaded on the web portal of TheOnespy app. The user has remote access to the web portal. Thus monitoring all of the digital activities of your employees during working hours with the hidden android spy app is possible with ease. You can even download any video from the web portal as well for further use. 

Either use it as a cell phone internet history tracker or try the Windows and Mac spy app version to keep a strict eye on the employee digital activities during the working hours. The best part about the TheOneSpy is that it offers all the attractive features in the form of a bundle. So select the bundle that contains the maximum of your demanded features. If you are a working mom, then I have a piece of good news for you as TheOneSpy offers parental control features to monitor the teenager’s digital activities.

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