May 30, 2024

Why Is It Necessary To Have Safe Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure?

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Cloud computing has taken the world by storm, making things easier for enterprises. Now while cloud computing has its benefits, like any other thing, it also comes with its share of problems. Here is when the business minds worked out a solution and came up with Hybrid cloud computing option. Hybrid cloud is basically a combination of public and private cloud that improves the efficiency of the system and ensures better accessibility and security to users unlike what we experience on public clouds where we are always reluctant putting our personal information. However, despite everything, even hybrid cloud has its share of vulnerabilities.

As mentioned by LS Subramanian of NISE India recently, Hybrid cloud comprises the weaknesses of both the private as well as public cloud; therefore, business ventures should be very careful when dealing with hybrid cloud infrastructure. Over the time, the hybrid cloud concept has gone down well with everyone in the IT industry owing to its efficiency and assurance in security matters. Now with hybrid cloud solution, no one seems to have issues, whether CTOs, CIOs, hardware dealers or public cloud vendors, it looks everyone has found the perfect solution resolving their concerns. In fact, Hybrid cloud solution has won the hearts of economists as well as asserted by Joe Weinman, Senior Vice President in his book; Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing, where he shed light on how this is favorable in terms of finances.

However, regardless of what has just been said, businesses are required to be very careful when dealing with hybrid cloud as it encompasses the weaknesses of both the private as well as public cloud system. The need of the hour is to introduce an even more secure and safe hybrid cloud infrastructure well in advance to lay down any such concerns to rest. The security measurements taken by enterprises need to be taken to another level to compensate the security level already provided by public clouds or safe and secure integration is to be attained by outsourcing security solutions. Now this implies that the enterprises are required to be very vigilant about the finance issues. In a few years, however, hybrid cloud infrastructure is going to mature even a notch up and will offer practical solutions regarding money flow meanwhile public cloud’s cost will be reduced substantially as well. Till then, services of a bunch of professional and experienced lot are needed. Until the matter’s not taken up seriously, it is better for the business ventures to stick to their private cloud infrastructure and hence not getting benefitted from hybrid cloud.

The best way for now would be to invest in hybrid middleware solutions. Although this won’t assure security to your data as you expect and you might need an SIEM solution as well, however, it is better to be careful than bearing losses. Hybrid cloud though has its advantages but without proper secured infrastructure, the vulnerability of this system offsets the benefits.

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