July 18, 2024

You Don’t Need A Backup And Restore Service – Cloud Storage Is Here

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In this high-tech era, we all work day and night on computer, and keep saving our data to ensure that nothing is lost in case the power fails or any other tragedy occurs. Almost everyone I know has 100s of GBs of personal data stored in their PCs that they have no idea of how to backup. Documents, images, videos, emails, contacts and software application all keep on piling up as the time progresses. Hence recently, people have started becoming concerned about what would happen if anything bad happens to their PC, like a Hard Disk Failure, Virus infection, hardware instability or any other type of damage that can cause data loss. They may lose all your data all of a sudden and have no means to recover it.

This is why, the concept of cloud storage has taken a rise recently, and we can surely say that this trend is not going to stop now. Since, in cloud storage we use a server that is placed way far away from our physical location and store all of our data there. Gone are the days when you could store your data in disks, CDs and DVDs. The amount and size of data have increased tremendously in the past few years. Hence cloud storage has become a preferable choice for many as it offers an insanely huge disk space to store data.

Cloud Storage Compared To Local Storage:

Unlike Local storage, cloud storage services offer a complete storage solution with extensive features including, backup and restore which makes your life a lot easier. Local storage devices are vulnerable to physical damages, and hardware issues, whereas you don’t have to worry about such things when you talk about Cloud Storage.

You internal or external local storage might get infected with virus through various ways, and as a result your whole data might get deleted. On the other hand, cloud service providers make use of high-end antivirus solutions that ensure that no virus can enter their system.

When you try to backup your whole data stored on the hard drive, it takes a seriously long time, which creates problems in your daily work routine, while the process of backup works completely in the backend in Cloud Storage and the process is automatic, which makes it a hassle free way to backup your whole data in the least amount of time and download it to save on multiple locations. According to a survey, in 2012 users spent almost 70,000 USD on services and software specialized to recover lost data from hard drive. This indicates the importance of having cloud service with automatic backup options.

Most cloud hosting services come with a desktop application that helps in synchronizing the data between your PC and the cloud hosting server. This makes it possible to recover your whole data even if your PC is completely crashed.

Most cloud storage services come with options to create sub-accounts within the main account which make it possible to backup additional PCs and save their data in those sub-accounts.

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