April 20, 2024

7 Important Factors That Encourage You To Use Cloud Hosting Service

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Cloud hosting, more commonly known as cloud computing, is a technology that has gained a lot of popularity over a short period of time. Rather than buying and installing software on the computer, an increasing number of companies now use cloud hosting, where computer services and applications are available on an external server and are accessible through the internet. By hiring the services of cloud hosting providers such as iPage hosting, you can run a program on a number of computers simultaneously. So why are so many businesses now adapting to this new technology? Below are a few important factors that explain this popularity of cloud computing?

7 Important Factors That Encourage You To Use Cloud Hosting Service

Offers Flexibility

Flexibility is an essential factor for any company to grow, which is contingent upon its server’s flexibility. Cloud computing provides you an unlimited storage capacity enabling you to meet the requirements of your customers as your business grows. If your company needs more bandwidth than usual, your cloud hosting service will automatically meet the demand through its remote servers. Thus, you do not need to worry about installing new software or buying a new hardware when you need to increase the storage capacity; your cloud based server will do the job itself.

Backup and Recovery

Since all your data is stored on an external server in the cloud, you will always have backup. The need to resort to complex recovery plans when your data is stored on your computer would be eliminated, making it easier for you to continue with the processes of your business without the fear of losing your data any time. Cloud-based services companies like iPage Hosting use a very simple recovery plan for your data and therefore, the backup is made available to you in a matter of few days. This feature of cloud hosting also caters for the security of your data. If your laptop or computer is stolen, your data would remain safe.

Greater Mobility

By using cloud based services, your employees can work from anywhere around the world only by using an internet connection, eliminating the need to be physically present at the site of work. Thus, cloud hosting offers an extremely cheap way of globalizing your workforce. They can collaborate and work with people from around the world to find efficient and cost effective ways of working. By removing geographic mobilization issues, you cannot only save time but also increase the productivity of your workers.

Greater Accessibility

By simply having access to a reliable internet connection, you can access your information stored on the cloud any time of day and from anywhere around the globe. All time and geographic constraints are eliminated, making it possible to work anywhere you want to.

Reduced Costs

By using cloud hosting services, you do not need to make any capital expenditures such as buying expensive software which have licensing fees. Cloud based services charge you for what you use. If you have a greater demand, your cost will be greater and vice versa. This also means that the startup costs of your new projects will be significantly low. In this regard, cloud hosting services are more beneficial for small growing businesses.

No need to Worry about Software Updates

If you have hired the services of a cloud computing supplier, you no longer need to worry for the updates since the service provider is responsible for the maintenance of the server. Thus, your time and effort which would have otherwise been spent on updating of the software can be invested into somewhere more productive with the use cloud hosting services.

Environmental Friendly Technology

Cloud hosting is one of the most environmental friendly technologies as compared to the usual IT infrastructure. Firstly, there remains no need for having in-house servers if you are using cloud hosting services. A large number of companies use only one cloud server, reducing the total amount of energy that would have been used otherwise. Secondly, the cloud server scales down and consumes less power when it is not in use. Thus, only the resources that are required for a certain process are consumed while the rest are efficiently allocated elsewhere.

All the above explained advantages of cloud hosting prove that it is truly a cost efficient IT solution. By switching towards the adaptation of this technology, companies are able to cut down their hardware and software requirements considerably.

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This article has been written by Peter Adams who is a renowned blogger in the field of IT. He has previously worked with several software companies including cloud service providers like iPage hosting where he has been successfully able to present innovative cost-effective IT solutions.

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