May 30, 2024

4 Things To Consider When Thinking About Switching To A Fibre Optic Cable Network

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It’s a no brainer that switching from cable to a fiber optic network is a great option for IT professionals. Fiber optic networks offer high speed internet that was once unfathomable with cable and other standard options. You no longer have to worry about downtime or being hacked. Fiber optics is an IT professional’s dream come true.

Spoilt for choice?

There are various internet service companies offering fiber optics in the country. Many of these companies offer great and unbelievable deals to attract subscribers. It can be difficult to sift through the noise and identify the right service provider for your needs.

Making the choice

The following are four of the main factors to consider when selecting an internet service provider.


This is quite obvious. If you’re planning to switch to a fiber optic network, it is important to ensure that it is available where you are located. Coverage of fiber optic networks is still growing across the country. By 2012, slightly over 20% of Americans had access to fiber networks. This figure has grown over the years; however coverage of specific networks varies.

Narrow down your search to consider the service providers that are available in your area.


This is the tricky bit. When most people consider the cost of Fiber optics, they only look at the price quoted. However, there is more to the cost than that.

Most internet service providers provide bundle options that feature varying prices. These bundles vary in download speed. The cheapest package from any internet service provider will feature the lowest download speed and therein is the catch.

Instead of comparing the prices first, consider the download speed that you would like to have. If you’re a small business, Small Business Administration suggests a minimum of 25Mbps as a start. You can then compare the bundle packages that offer these speeds from the different service providers. This will help you identify the best deal and still get the package that best suits your needs.

You also need to consider the ongoing costs for your business. For instance putting your business on a VoIP phone network will make operating external and internal communication cheaper and more efficient, so take that in to considerations.

Your devices

With so many smart devices available to us today, internet is not limited to our computers anymore. However, some internet service providers do not offer internet connectivity for some devices. It can be disappointing and frustrating to learn that your internet network does not work with all your devices.

Ensure to check on the availability of Wi-Fi and mobile hotspots if you intend to use mobile devices with your network. Be sure to check if these services are available at an extra cost and if so how much it would cost you.

Also consider business growth and investigate what sort of devices you might need. A popular addition to many modern call center for instance are wireless headsets. You don’t want to upgrade to fibre only to immediately limit yourself in other ways.

Customer service

Excellent customer service is vital. It’s important to be able to access assistance when you need it. The service provider should have technicians within easy reach. They should also have a support center that you can contact in case of any problems.

With these factors in mind, you can make an informed decision when it comes to selecting an internet service provider.

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