May 20, 2024

4 Ways To Introduce Your New Technology Ideas Effectively

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4 Ways To Introduce Your New Technology Ideas Effectively

Businesses depends on technological advances to better manage projects, improve supply chain processes and bring innovative products to market. Traditionally, opportunities exist for businesses that use new technology as early adopters to gain at least a temporary competitive advantage. The people generally responsible for investigating emerging technology for companies or client projects hold the role of system architect or chief technology officer. However, many times it takes more than simply identifying the right technical solution to a business problem. The idea must be sold throughout all levels of the company including official decision makers as well as employee operators.

Conduct Technology Investigations in Total Transparency

While micro-management of one’s work is neither necessary nor desired, advertising useful technology that one has discovered for potential use in the company is very beneficial. This helps the company in many ways. First, publicly posting the functions and expected benefits of new technology makes executives and staff aware of possible changes to their work environment. The postings should allow the workforce time to process the information, ask questions and make suggestions; since no one knows the work like those who do it on a regular basis, it is important to get feedback in some format from the workforce. Executives and associates who are casually educated about emerging technology in their industry have the potential to suggest innovative ideas designed for company growth themselves.

4 Ways To Introduce Your New Technology Ideas Effectively

Take a Cross Disciplined Approach and Utilize Marketing Methods

Many novice engineers scoff at marketing ploys and are happiest designing and developing systems. However, more seasoned engineers recognize that even wonderful ideas will fade into obscurity if it is not properly sold across many levels of the workforce chain of command. The art and science of selling belongs to the discipline known as business marketing. Traditionally, a senior engineer might market his idea using a respected workforce associate to champion the idea to his or her peers. Today’s engineers realize that nearly everyone looks to the internet for information to make all kinds of decisions, and they buy attention online through digital advertising space. In this case, the internet becomes the respected associate that champions the idea to the workforce.

Demonstrate the Technology

It is important that the workforce becomes familiar with the new technology before they actually have to use it. Conducting a series of demonstrations serves to highlight the helpful features of the technology. When information technology managers demonstrate new technology, they are also recognizing the fact that people learn differently.

Hold Training Sessions

A formal training session is usually needed after the technology has been incorporated into business system networks. This training should deliver an interactive, hands-on learning experience that results in enhanced productivity while using the new technology product. For a more simple approach the website can hold a demo for users to gain an understanding.

For major technology transitions, system architects and chief technology officers spend a great deal of time selling the idea throughout its planning, installation and deployment phases. The four methods described help ensure a smooth adoption of the technology at all levels of the organization.

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