April 20, 2024

6 Benefits Of Cloud-Based IVR Services

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6 Benefits Of Cloud-Based IVR Services


You can give a command to an Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) in shape of your voice or keypad entries, which should get an extremely simple response such as ‘Your current credit is …’ or it can also give you a more complex information like the schedule of trains in your region. Over the last few years, a number of different technologies have been provided to us through Cloud, which has surely helped the internet population all across the globe. It was widely expected that IVR would also be introduced in the Cloud sooner or later and now that it has, let’s go through a few reasons why IVR should be in the Cloud:

Increases the Number of Options for Users

Thanks to the Cloud technologies, multitudes of new businesses are getting started these days as compared to the past. In such a scenario, people like us will benefit a great deal as we have more options and can get the services at a much lesser cost as compared to the previous years. Some of the major companies that were controlling the market in past due to their monopolies are now finding it hard to compete these days.

6 Benefits Of Cloud-Based IVR Services

Convenience & Time

One of the major benefits of having IVR through Cloud is that it is very easy to set up and you will not have to spend too much time on installation. You can begin to record messages and add extensions right away as the IVR system is thoroughly checked and tested before it is rendered to the consumers. Another great advantage of IVR is that starting up does not take days or months like some of the other services; in fact, it can startup in a few hours. It needs to be remembered that time is a massive asset in the current age of competition.

Evens Out the Competition

About a couple of decades ago, only major companies were able to fully benefit from the rapidly growing world of information technology, while the smaller businesses could hardly afford to match the purchasing ability of some of their bigger rivals. Situation, however, has changed drastically since the inception of Cloud, which has made information technology a lot cheaper and even small companies can now afford IVR through Cloud.

Self-help Option

Every customer is different to the other. Some are used to the modern technology, like self-service. IVR will give such people this option. It is highly recommended that programmers put the self-help feature in the IVR system at the time of manufacturing.


Through the IVR systems, calls can be routed to different types of landlines or mobile services. It means your employees can work from any location at any time.  

Enhances the Reputation of a Company

The way you communicate internally or externally has a massive impact on the overall image of your company. Therefore, by using Cloud-based IVR services, you will surely leave a strong impression on your clients or third parties. IVR services definitely sound extremely professional, and enhanced image of your company will help you grow your business faster.

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