May 30, 2024

7 Safety Features You’ll Want In Your Car

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Automotive junkies know just how many different vulnerabilities there are while driving a car. However, adding even the simplest car feature will greatly reduce the chance of having a car accident. Give these seven cool new car features a look.

1. Automated Parking

7 Safety Features You'll Want In Your Car

This feature aids one in parallel parking by pulling up to the stop then having automated cameras and control drive a person into their parking spot. They will, however, still need to manage reverse, drive and the gas. This feature may sound needless, but many accidents tend to happen in the parking lot than anywhere else.

2. Adaptive Cruise Control

7 Safety Features You'll Want In Your Car

Just about everyone enjoys the convenience of cruise control, at least until traffic messes up their flow. Adaptive cruise control, on the other hand, adjusts the car’s set speed according to the current traffic speed, allowing one to not have their cruise control interrupted.

3. Forward Collision Prevention

This feature essentially prevents one from crashing into another vehicle by using special censors. Although older versions were only able to do this at lower speeds, newer versions are able to work on the freeway as well.

4. Lane Monitoring

7 Safety Features You'll Want In Your Car

Lane monitoring uses markings on the road to determine if whether or not someone is driving out of their lane. For instance, if someone goes out of their lane without using their signal, they’ll be notified by either some type of sound or vibration. Many accidents also are caused by people not staying in their lanes.

5. Blind-Spot Monitoring

As every driver already knows, not paying attention to blind spots is a sure-fire way to get in an accident. However, blind spot monitoring prevents such an incident all together by alerting the driver whenever a car goes in their blind spot.

6. Backup Camera

7 Safety Features You'll Want In Your Car

Any driver knows that there are numerous blind spots when backing out into a parking lot, or anywhere for that matter. The sad truth is that most kids involved in accidents were involved in a backup collision. A backup camera, however, gives one a full view of what’s behind.

7. Integrated Security Services

Wireless Security System Equipment in homes and vehicles is quickly becoming standard, but newer cars with more sophisticated computers are now tying the home security system to the car’s security system to provide an added layer of security. Newer automatic garage door openers can respond to your vehicle’s unique signature. Some dashboard screens can communicate with home security cameras in the event of a break-in while you’re on the road. Many integrated systems are centrally controlled by simple mobile apps on your phone, enabling remote door lock, air-conditioning, and security system control and automation in both the car and the home.

There are plenty of more features that one can add to their car for safer, peace-of-mind driving. However, the seven features mentioned above cover all main causes of most car accidents, so make sure to get these first. If you or someone you know has ever been hurt in a car accident, you know how valuable these features can be. Hopefully they will soon come standard in new vehicles, but until then, continue to make safety a top concern when considering cars to purchase.

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