July 18, 2024

Changing Trends in Cloud Computing

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Cloud adoption is quite apparent globally these days. The National Inflation Association indicates that about 3% of IT spending these days is being spent on cloud computing which makes approximately $74 billion and it is being predicted that $150 billion will be spent on the industry until 2013.This industry is also contributing in offering various new jobs. A Microsoft report which came out via IDC indicates that about 14 million new jobs are being created by private and public sectors` spending between 2011 and 2015. Most of these jobs will be offered to Americans and Canadians.

The cloud computing industry will have various impacts on various fields which will give way to many different trends.

  • The personal desktops will be reinstated with the cloud technology immensely affecting the lives of the users. According to a report, distributed by Gartner named “The New PC Era: the Personal Cloud”, the cloud technology will overshadow all the personal computers available so far. Five developments are expected to take place in the light of this technological innovation. Firstly, 90% of market for personal computers will be inclined towards personal cloud sales. This will help the customers in storing and syncing of content at different platforms which will give rise to many other trends. Different companies from all over the world will form consortiums with public and private cloud services which will give way to diversification of sources and worth. However, it is predicted that the utmost benefit of personal cloud will be its speed and agility and not its cost reduction principle.
  • Huge volumes of information need to be managed effectively. This is why many different companies dealing with large amounts of data will have to look for databases other than the traditional ones and cloud services can help in this area. Thus, when companies will have an option in the form of cloud services, they will turn towards this technological innovation to transfer data faster than it would otherwise have been moved.
  • Cloud service’s data safety will be a huge issue for the entrepreneurs. Once the issue of moving voluminous data is resolved, the security of the data will be the foremost concern for the companies. Once, personal cloud will have to deal with questions relating to security breach, they will be forced to take action and propose password generation policies. Innovative propositions for security will be the foremost concern of these companies.
  • The trend of using mobile internet will also be applied to the cloud technology. People shifting towards tablets and mobile internet as a medium to socialize will need a faster medium which will be catered in the form of cloud technology.
  • PAAS (Platform as a Service) is also a powerful medium, the popularity of which is expected to enhance to be utilized for translation of data and its transformation. The major IT companies will open towards the idea of PAAS.

There are other expected trends as well that need to be discussed. The main focus here however is the expected inclination of these companies towards the data cloud technology for effective management and transformation of data.

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