June 19, 2024

What is Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing is an online service which connects all the computers of a network and provides information uniformly. It is not an online product, it’s a service.

Let’s suppose you are building a network for which you have to buy 4, 5 computers. But you cannot buy licensed software or application for every computer. It is time consuming as well as stressful too. In cloud platform, you have to install an application or software on its server and it will be accessible to all workstations too. The collective network of server and computers form a cloud that’s why it is known as cloud computing. The information can be accessed by multiple parties using cloud computing. You only have to run the cloud computing interface software like opening a web browser and then you can access any application anytime.

Accessing internet through mobile is also an example of cloud computing. Your cellphone service provider obtains internet services and user can access it through the company.

Structures of Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing has 3 basic structures;

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)

It provides backup service. If any business company or organization wants to save their data online then this service is the best.

Platform as a Service (Paas)

In this model, a computing platform is provided in which the application developers can develop and run their software solutions without buying hardware or software. It provides infrastructure required for an application to run. One can make complex applications without putting heavy burden on its computer.

Software as a Service (Saas)

In SaaS, software and its data are accessed by any user using a thin client like browser, on the internet. The cloud providers install the application on the server and the connected users can access them through cloud clients.

Types of Clouds:

Public Cloud:

The applications or software programs are provided to the public and anyone can access the information anytime. The information can be either free or paid.

Private Cloud:

This type of cloud has limited crowd or client. It is sometimes limited to one network only and it can’t be accessed publically.

Community Cloud:

Community cloud connects clouds of several companies of a specific community e.g. security etc. Their information is accessed by members only.

Hybrid Cloud:

Hybrid cloud connects two or more clouds with each other and they share mutual benefits privately.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • It is more secure; information is organized.
  • It is manageable.
  • Cloud lessens the cost of installing applications and software.
  • Endless boundary in information makes it popular as the users can access any kind of information anytime.
  • The users pay for only what they use.

Drawbacks of Cloud Computing:

  • If you want to use the services, you should have a high speed internet.
  • Some services aren’t free of charge and are expensive.
  • Users can start depending on the provider and may not have any data stored with themselves.

As the world is advancing, so is cloud computing. Almost everything on the internet comes in cloud computing. It is a new beginning to a simpler and advance way of browsing.

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