April 19, 2024

Cloud Becomes A Game Changer For Operators Worldwide

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Cloud computing is transforming the way IT industry works. The analysts’ estimate that during the next five years, annual global market for cloud computing will rise up to $95 billion. According to a research, a massive 93% of financial decision makers believe that cloud computing will be important to the success of their businesses over the next couple of years. This huge investment has attracted thousands of decision makers to come closer and highlight all the relevant areas, cloud industry will be affected by. This focus alongside other important aspects of cloud services is forming the basis of a three-day Broadband Cloud Summit, part of October’s flagship event; Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam.

“Although they trail their North American and Asian peers in infrastructure investment, Europe’s network operators are strong supporters of local cloud developers whose services they actively promote to their customers,” said Camille Mendler, principal analyst at Informa Telecoms and Media. “To secure Europe’s position in the global digital economy, the critical role of European operators as a conduit for young cloud innovators is a pivotal discussion at Broadband World Forum.”

This year for the first time, Broadband World Forum will host the Broadband Cloud Summit considering the industry’s move towards new, as well as a growing technology of cloud computing services. It is a strategic event focusing on all the important aspects, particularly for telecom operators. The Broadband World Forum’s Broadband Cloud Summit will unveil all the issues the industry is facing, the expected challenges and gaining closer look towards the latest trends and technologies in cloud computing services. This event holds special relevance for telecom operators across the globe keeping in view the increasing importance of cloud computing as a key source of revenue generation.

In addition, it will also focus on key business models and reflection of companies’ transition to the cloud. This platform will also enable discovering new revenue opportunities in the areas of cloud computing.

LarsErik Odman, the Director of Strategy for UAE operator du, commented: “We see a surge in partnerships between Middle Eastern operators and international cloud players. I’m looking forward to discussing the drivers behind this at the Broadband Cloud Summit and hearing about the experiences of our international counterparts.”

Executive Director of Informa Telecoms and Media, Gavin Whitechurch also emphasized the importance of cloud services, terming it as a ‘huge impact on the way the world does businesses’.

With so many queries in mind, simultaneously with the expected opportunities, the Cloud Summit will enable the participants better understand the true capabilities of cloud computing and the advantages it can bring to any business. Through an interactive approach; case studies, analyst workshops and discussions with key players will help bring some knowledge back to implement to anyone’s business.

The event is expected to be honored with few big names including but not limited to Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, KT, Sprint, du, Colt, Cisco, NEC, Verizon, Orange, Turk Telecom, Google Play, Pacnet and KDDI. Over 400 visionary speakers and panelists are expected to take part in the program with over 200 exhibitors showcasing revolutionary broadband technologies, applications, solutions and services.

The conference and exhibition will take place at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam, 16-18 October 2012. To view the full event program and details for registration, please visit www.broadbandworldforum.com or call +44 (0) 20 7017 5506. Fresh tweets will also keep the interested parties updated with all new happenings.

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