June 19, 2024

Cloud PBX and Its Innovative Features

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Cloud service providers introduce new ways, every day, of taking care of their clients by ensuring advanced services at their end. Cloud PBX system is also one of its kind innovation. Also known as hosted PBX systems, it is advancement in the telecommunication sector which combines voice and data transmission into a single medium for improved performance. It reduces the risks of any magnetic interference and other damages, as it doesn’t rely on traditional method of communication using copper lines.

This platform is self sustained and offers huge benefits to users both in terms of its features as well as economically. Providers have the opportunity to give server access to the end users while hosting and maintaining the server at cloud PBX.

Common Misconceptions about the Cloud

After the Cloud service emerged in the IT sector, few common misconceptions also came in to existence. Rumors like VoIP system are vulnerable to power outage, internet disconnection, security issues and less freedom keep on moving around. However, the fact is that the system is one of the most beneficial mediums in communication and provides endless opportunities to the users for their business management. Since, the system is virtual and being maintained online, it is not vulnerable to any risks.

The cloud PBX system continues to work irrespective of any happening around. Since, the system is online, it keeps on running even when the offices are closed. This technology offers much safer VoIP calls than the traditional system, already prevailing.

The Benefits it Offers

One of the most prominent benefits, the users can enjoy is cheap and easy use of the system. The whole system is in clouds; users are not required to install hardware and cabling structure for setting up the phone lines. Few basic office resources like internet connection, few handsets and a networking device can serve the purpose, which can be used for other operations as well.

Moreover, this system also facilitates its users by moving to it while retaining the current number that is used for operations, before this technology was adopted. Companies can keep the same numbers through sophisticated number porting, another service of VoIP service providers. This will strengthen the customer base while moving to the new system and keeping the old numbers alive. This system will also save cost of reprinting promotional material after the new technology is adopted.

The system also offers other incredible features such as advance follow me feature, multi business integration, multiple location integration submenu level, fax and voice mail to email and many more, encouraging the businesses to consider investing in this new service.

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