April 20, 2024

Cloud Providers Aim To Educate Companies and Individuals On Data Protection Concerns

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Cloud Providers Aim To Educate Companies and Individuals On Data Protection Concerns

The cost involved with cloud computing has remained a major hurdle in its success in the past; however, this is not the case anymore as increasing number of companies are joining the cloud bandwagon offering modern tools, naturally lowering down the expenses. However, still most firms are reluctant to adopt cloud computing due to data protection threats.

Data Security – An Ever-Growing Concern

If you are a keen follower of technology, you would surely know that data security and password protection have been the major concerns for organizations in the recent past, with an alarming number of hacking cases being reported every year.

Apprehensions of Different Companies

Some executives and leaders of the ever-growing cloud market have expressed their apprehensions on cloud technology’s ability to cope with hacking threats.

The Vice President of Product Strategy at CipherCloud, Varun Badhwar, revealed that companies all around the world have become extremely cost-conscious after the global recession in 2008. However, he is also of the opinion that cost is no more a problem with cloud computing; instead, the security issues are proving to be a massive hindrance.

Cloud Providers Aim To Educate Companies and Individuals On Data Protection Concerns

Fear of IT Departments

While it has been proved over the years that a massive chunk of internet population is not too concerned about security threats, the IT departments of countless organizations are fearful that they might end up losing control of sensitive data.

Need to Raise Awareness

As cloud computing is getting more and more popular around the world with the passage of time, experts believe that the concerned people need to raise the level of awareness about this technology among companies and individuals, if they want cloud computing to achieve sustainable success in the coming years.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder of Druva, an endpoint backup service, admits about their responsibility to educate people about cloud. He is also quite optimistic about the future of this technology and finds different companies that are changing their policies to adjust with the cloud frameworks.

Brad Peters, the co-founder and CEO of Birst, an on-demand analytics provider, has also expressed similar sentiments, believing that cloud computing is bringing about a revolution in the industry and while many firms are not prepared to adopt cloud technology as yet, the level of awareness amongst the masses is increasing gradually.

According to Okta’s Chief Security Officer, David Baker, companies will always be skeptical about data protection as it is almost impossible to guarantee 100 percent security of information, but businesses can adopt certain ways to prevent any serious danger.

Badhawar urged cloud providers to share the responsibility in educating people about the technology and warned them against taking things for granted.

After the great success of Amazon and Microsoft in cloud computing, Google, which happens to be one of the leading names in the world of technology, is also stepping in this field with the help of its partners. This should naturally make smaller companies feel better about the cloud.

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