May 28, 2024

Datacentrix Now Offers Cloud Computing Solutions For Local Market Clients

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Datacentrix is a known ICT solution company that provides reliable and high performing solutions to its customers. The company has unveiled its latest cloud computing offer for the domestic market. Datacentrix’s new offering is targeted towards the enterprise level customers to cater their off-premise outsourcing demands.

While explaining cloud computing, the head of consulting and CTO at Datacentrix, Jan Dry said, “Cloud computing isn’t a silver bullet” which will solve all the issues that persist in the IT industry. However, Jan did say that cloud computing will definitely help in solving a number of host issues only if they are delivered in a strategic manner and technologically sound way.

Some of the issues cloud computing will be able to solve include:

  • Ineffective usage of internal computing resources
  • Operational overheads linked with management of applications and associated platforms
  • Increasing costs of power and space
  • The “paralyzing” effects of strategic decisions
  • Lack of agility needed to modify technology in order to support altering needs of an organization

According to Dry, Datacentrix has developed a full set of mature services that will provide value at every stage incorporated in cloud computing life cycle. While speaking further about the company’s new offering, Dry said, “These services are delivered by skilled resources that utilize dynamic tools while applying a proven transition management methodology. Our broad footprint of technology services has positioned us to satisfy every aspect of an organization’s cloud computing requirements, including end user devices, connectivity, hosting and support services”.

Datacentrix’s cloud computing solutions will offer great benefits to its users and some of the measurable benefits of its new offering are as follow:

  • Pay-as-you-use model for payment that will allow users to pay only what they use. There will be no hidden costs or added costs of usage.
  • Datacentrix offers an advanced service delivery framework that will provide complete, end to end support to users, comprising of mature service desk, monitoring and management tools, certified and proven processes, advanced IT service management system and others.
  • Simple yet effective strategic planning by making in-depth analysis of existing and future requirements.
  • Customized service level agreements that are managed according to service levels, performance indicators and service catalogues.

Datacentrix’s cloud computing solutions will be available as public clouds and private clouds. Moreover, the three basic cloud service platforms that the company will offer include: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). According to Jan Dry, “we have made a serious investment in our Tier 3 data centre and will continue to improve on its redundancy, fault tolerance, high availability and performance capabilities”. Datacentrix’s security operations center also renders clients with access to different dynamic security services deliverable through its differentiated and specialized IT security unit.

Cloud computing offers many advantages over on-premise app deployment. A four-year TCO (total cost of ownership) study compared cloud computing and on-premise application preparing. The study was conducted by CIO Index during 2006-2010. According to the main findings of the study, the total cost of ownership for cloud computing solutions is 55 percent lesser. Moreover, the study also revealed that the IT infrastructure costs associated with cloud computing are non-existent, while expenditure on application implementation and support for on-premise preparation is 3.5 times higher.

About DataCentrix

Datacentrix is one of the leading ICT solutions company in South Africa. Listed on the JSE Stock Exchange since 1998, the main focus of the company is to provide infrastructure and business solutions such as cloud computing, security, high end storage and other IT solutions to their home country’s public along with private sectors. The company currently stands amongst the highly skilled and licensed business partners for different domestic and international vendors. More information about Datacentrix can be obtained from

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