May 27, 2024

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting Review

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DigitalOcean is one of the foremost runners in Cloud Hosting, having deployed 6,147 cloud servers already. DigitalOcean provides a perfect amalgamation of reasonably priced webhosting packages with fastest uptime and a meticulous help and community centre which encompasses almost every conceivable query a customer might have. Starting with less than one cent per hour or $5 per month, DigitalOcean provides a varied array of services including basic setup to advance configurations for PHP, Ruby on rails and Linux.


Open Cloud Technology: Perhaps the most enticing feature for a customer while availing DigitalOcean services is absolutely no charge for bandwidth consumed irrespective of traffic volume, which means major savings. With dedicated servers at your disposal, you can indulge in heavy database and IO work without having to worry about limited resources. The IO services further get a boost and smooth streaming because of SSD hard drives. These hard drives are provisioned same as virtual servers enabling smooth sailing with even demanding workloads. Currently, DigitalOcean has multiple data centers, built in New York and Amsterdam, which provide users a choice based on latency. DigitalOcean has plans to further broaden the scope of their data centers by bringing in coverage from additional sites. Just in case if a customer gets locked out of their virtual server, DigitalOcean provides complete recovery via full console access. HTML 5 allows the services to be used on almost any device irrespective of hardware and operating system limitations.

DigitalOcean also provides the facility to automatically set your server to backup all the precious data on nightly basis. Take a snapshot of your progress when you have achieved a milestone! Snapshots can act as blueprints for establishing a new server if need arises and also save valuable time you’d spend in configuring it.


With all the features offered in open cloud technology, you’d think that DigitalOcean would charge a king’s ransom for their services! Nothing could be further from the truth as packages start from a lowly $5 per month, which gives you access to a single core processor with 20 GB hard disk and 256 megabytes of memory. This is an excellent and well put together package for startups, but if this is not sufficient for your project, you can always upgrade to most popular advance package of $10 per month, 512 megabytes memory, single core processor and 20 GB disk space. The package culminates with $80 per month which gives you access to 4GB memory, 4 cores and 160 GB disk space.

Support & Uptime:

DigitalOcean puts special emphasis on customer satisfaction, hence the provision of 99.99% SLA time and availability of support 24/7. The company has a policy that if it fails to deliver on the promised services they’d only charge the customer for the time, the services were unavailable, which is next to none! DigitalOcean has been in the hosting game for a decade now and has hosted some of the most traffic intense websites on the internet! Features like onsite generators, battery backups, and physical security are part and parcel of their services. Furthermore, there’s a comprehensive Q&A forum, community based articles and online mail sending facility available on the site.

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