May 20, 2024

Do You Know The Facts About Server Colocation?

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Investing in server colocation with a hosting company such as ServerSpace is a convenient, affordable, as well as secure solution for web hosting. Basically, this allows small businesses to have the features and tools that are typically only available for large businesses with complete IT departments. Server colocation has no overhead, which means that it can easily handle high bandwidth with the data security you desire without the expensive cost of traditional IT departments.

The following features and benefits are available when you opt for this type of service.

Do You Know The Facts About Server Colocation?

Never Any Need to Purchase Bandwidth

You only pay for the bandwidth that you actually need. Additionally, VOIP services are offered, including the ability to stream multimedia or other larger files to literally millions of users, with only a fraction of the cost you would typically incur. The only fee that you actually pay is for the rental of the server company’s used bandwidth. This usually comes out cheaper than the DSL services and provides much larger bandwidth options.

Reduce Storage Costs

Not only will you have access to large amounts of bandwidth, you can also reduce the server storage and data costs. The process to take advantage of this is:

  • Business’s first store the webpages, their downloadable files and other important data on the server. The server is the business’s property.

  • The server is then physically delivered at the colocation hosting company’s centre of operations.

  • Once it is delivered, the hosting company will take over by installing your business’s server, which allows the bandwidth to be used.

  • You will receive an IP address, which allows you to access a connection from anywhere and surf the web.

  • The option of renting the server and bandwidth provides an appealing option for small businesses and start-ups.

The Money Saving Capabilities of Colocation

The reason why hosting companies can offer money saving options is because they are able to reduce their charges by hosting several severs and then negotiation the discounts with the actual expenses that are incurred. However, there is the stipulation that if your server takes and extensive amount of space, that you will be charged more. This rarely occurs, especially in the cases of start-up or small businesses.

Pros and Cons of Colocation Services

While the ability to save money is appealing to any small business, server colocation offers other benefits, as well. For example, the hosting company can sidestep and power outages, ensuring your business does not suffer. Also, by hosting any data in an off-site location the website can keep going even when moving physical locations. Additionally, it will increase uptimes to 99.99 percent of the time.

 Do You Know The Facts About Server Colocation?

There are not many disadvantages to colocation, except for the fact that software changes of upgrades require access to the space where the servers are stored. However, most reputable companies provide IT staff that can assist with this need. In most cases the advantages of the colocation services that are offered will outweigh the disadvantages, especially when it comes to money saving abilities. For more related information ServerSpace please visit this page.

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