April 19, 2024

Don’t Shelf The Desktop

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Whether you are buying your very first computer, upgrading an old system or replacing your existing system entirely, there are a number of factors to consider and myriad selections from which to choose. You have to decide and define what will be the primary use for the computer so that you can get one that will best serve your needs – and your budget. Will this computer be used strictly at home? Is it recreational and just for gaming, looking at movies or streaming online content? Or is it going to be a work designated computer with applications and software for photo and document manipulation, with an emphasis on media? There are the things you need to determine before you commit to buying a system. In some markets, in fact, in many markets, desktop computers are much more affordable than laptop systems. Additionally, you can really expand on the hardware and software that comes with your desktop in ways that you may be limited with a laptop. If you’re a mobile animal, a desktop isn’t for you. But if you’re traditional or you just prefer a more robust machine that’s fixed to one place so as to consolidate your work, a desktop system may be for you!

Here are a couple of our most factual, logical and provocative selling points about why you should make a desktop computer your next computing system of choice!

Expandability and ease of repair!

If you’ve ever had a laptop at home before, you know how much fun it can be to wield it from room to room. Some of us enter into the utterly ridiculous, taking it with us to the shower and even hoisting it over the stove while we cook. Since the dawn of integrated web cameras, people have found laptops wonderful for capturing the most beautiful and equally obscure moments ever. When something goes wrong with a laptop however, due to your spilling your drinks or shower water onto the keypad or maybe even tripping with it and cracking your screen – you know how expensive it is and inconvenient as well. You won’t have this problem with a desktop. If you have a problem with the keyboard, it affects only that and can be easily replaced. If you want a bigger monitor, you can replace just that alone without having to buy an entirely new system. Want to add more audio power? It’s as easy as getting a subwoofer. Laptops can’t compare to this…

Too hot to handle!

One of the biggest problems you’ll have with any computer system is that it will overheat at some point of its life cycle. The sage difference between a desktop computer and a laptop in this regard is all in the engineering. Desktop computers are built with large, powerful fans and are roomy enough to cool down a system in the throes of processing. This fan and the vents are easy to reach and clean, making them functional. For whatever reason, the laptop engineers of the world haven’t figured out how to tackle overheating and dust in their designs – laptop vents are under the base, so resting them flat suffocates them. You have to buy additional hardware to deal with this. Not with a desktop, however!

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  1. Desktop vs Laptop all depends on usage. Unless you are a heavy business owner, a laptop with external monitor connection works really well.

    Now with the new macbook thunderbolt connections a laptop can be more powerful and useful than a desktop.

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