July 18, 2024

How Cloud Computing can Earn you IT Jobs

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Networking and IT professionals nowadays are alarmed by the increased usage and shifting of storage data towards ‘Cloud computing’. They fear that as Cloud computing is one of the major promoters of transformation inside the IT Business, this dependence on automation is likely to cause them lose their jobs. Apart from this raging fear, Cloud computing is giving companies and societies an aid to be efficient; both in time and cost, dynamic and in reducing the liability of data supervision.

However, a lot of IT experts believe and show distress towards this vehement change based on the misapprehension that Cloud computing will make the environment and work, fully automated and self-dependent and that companies will let the IT ‘people’ go due to this change. Moreover, making this misunderstanding worse is the belief that Cloud computing will reduce network management until it is no longer needed.

As time progresses, technological advancement causes changes and commotion, similar as with the expansion of Cloud computing working environments. But, what’s important is the fact that we have to adapt to these changes if we want to survive and so should the IT professionals learn and adjust their skills, accordingly. These transformations shouldn’t only be seen as bringing redundancies but as an opportunity to seek for newer positions and jobs.

More than half of enterprises working worldwide think it’s better to change and evolve their data storage mechanisms to the advanced ones such as Cloud computing. Easier said than done! As rapid changes take place, it seems that it will take a considerable amount of time and effort for letting the transition actually happen. From functioning to its application and effectiveness, and then its expansion at organizational level will take much time. Meanwhile current IT situations and posts are not likely to vanish away.

Furthermore, the myth that Cloud computing is fully automated is not true, nor in practice today. Traditional IT tasks may seem to change shape and orientation, but there will be plentiful of new or improvised IT positions available in different areas and respects.

Supervision and administration of equipment and systems is always much needed. IT skilled personnel are required to train the non-IT users and there are often problems with maintenance and up-keep of networks.

Nevertheless, periods of transformation in any industry also requires new skills acquired by professionals to match the new technology. Similarly IT people need to learn how things are done to manage today’s Cloud computing-concentrated networking. Obviously, it wouldn’t be anything they can’t learn in time.

Completely opposite to expectations and fears of IT experts, companies that are adopting Cloud computing require and depend more on IT personnel, depending on organizations and separate departments. This might be the hard-hitting challenge IT people will face in the future and they must prepare for it. Evolved IT departments such as Cloud computing don’t reduce jobs, rather they produce tasks to be dealt with a different approach.

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  1. “Cloud computing is one of the major promoters of transformation inside the IT Business, this dependence on automation is likely to cause them lose their jobs”
    🙂 Really I wonder why you have mentioned people are going to lose their jobs because of cloud computing. if they lose, they will learn about cloud computing. 🙂

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