July 17, 2024

Collaborate in the Cloud

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Project management is something we can now handle on the move. With the vast increase of technological abilities, every schedule, meeting and little ‘to do’ can be easily displayed on your handset, monitor or tablet.


A popular project management app is Basecamp, a very popular online management program used on a daily basis by thousands. With everything needed on one clear homepage, the relevant information can be assessed immediately. All projects in need of completion are displayed, accompanied by a description and deadline. Basecamp will allow tasks to be assigned to specific members of staff or contractors. Doing this allows you to monitor open and pending tasks, both in and out of the office.

With the ability to view forthcoming tasks along with a list of relevant contacts and the ability to upload images and PDF files, Basecamp really is superb.


Asana is also an excellent project management tool, since the app focuses on a shared task list that can be shared amongst your team. Asana will allow all members of staff to stay in sync and always up to date on what tasks have been completed and what’s left to do, along with the ability to help organise and arrange the various work areas in your business, targeting specific tasks.

Managers and Supervisors can monitor employee progress, viewing what they have or haven’t completed. This, like Basecamp, is a handy tool both in and out of the office.


Finally, Binfire is an online collaboration management app which allows documents, images and other files to be uploaded to a shared workspace. These files can be edited in real time; so that all watching can observe the changes taking place. With a shared whiteboard, Binfire allows teams to collaborate effectively without even rising from the desk or actually being in the same building. Here all ideas and thoughts can be placed; yet again in real time to maximise productivity. Along with group chat, notifications and tasks, Binfire is a competitive Project Management app used by thousands with glowing reviews.

The above apps are each unique and exceptional in their own way, however all are user-friendly, clear, concise and will rapidly aid the stream line of your business.

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