May 30, 2024

Standing Cloud Broadens Its Open Cloud Support

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Standing Cloud (, a top cloud solutions provider made an announcement today that it has made its solution available for Rackspace® open cloud, providing Rackspace users a highly simplified way to set up, manage and distribute applications in the cloud.

This offering leverages Rackspace Cloud Servers and parts of the Standing Cloud Application Marketplace to give their customers, developers and ISVs with one-stop application for hosting, installation and management. It integrates seamlessly with the Rackspace framework and OpenStack®-compatible API.

It is available on the new Cloud Tools Marketplace from Rackspace Hosting; a popular name in cloud computing. The improved Cloud Tools Marketplace provides a gateway to an open network of cloud solutions for Rackspace first generation Cloud Servers and Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack®.  It gives access to a wide variety of tools that support Rackspace open cloud.

“Standing Cloud and Rackspace share a common vision for the infrastructure cloud – one that is intuitive, user-focused and open source-based, with a minimum of system administration overhead,” David Jilk, CEO of Standing Cloud, stated. “Built around an easy-to-use, application-centric catalog that simplifies application deployment and management, this offering builds on that promise, and we’re pleased to bring our capabilities to the Rackspace open cloud.”

Standing Cloud is a user-friendly array of applications, software, development tools and deployment solutions, completely pre-configured to run immediately and consistently in the cloud, and optimized for the Rackspace infrastructure. Having deployed an application, Standing Cloud’s automated application lifecycle management services provide users a simple way to manage the application on a long-term basis, together with monitoring, scaling, back-ups, upgrades, auto-restore and more.

“The ability to launch and run fully configured versions of popular applications in the cloud in just a few clicks is a great value-addition for our customers and the familiar storefront metaphor makes it easy for them,” Ven Shanmugam, Senior Manager of Corporate Strategy at Rackspace said in a statement. “By leveraging OpenStack and optimizing the deployments specifically for Rackspace open cloud, Standing Cloud delivers increased flexibility and portability for application users on Rackspace.”, he added.

The Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace is a complete catalog of original, third-party developed applications created for the Rackspace open cloud. Also, through the marketplace, customers are able to surf, review and connect to cloud solutions centered on management, monitoring, application deployment, as well as a host of other areas.

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