May 20, 2024

DreamHost’s Cloud Storage and Compute Services Become a Reality with Opscode

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Opscode®, a leading cloud infrastructure automation company, recently announced that DreamHost – a globally-recognized web and cloud hosting provider – is using Opscode Private Chef™ for automatic configuration and environment management for its latest DreamCompute public cloud and DreamObjects cloud storage service. With Private Chef, Opscode aims to fully automate the object storage infrastructure powered by Ceph, which backs up DreamObjects, as well as the OpenStack-powered virtual machine management and Ceph-powered block storage infrastructure, which support the public cloud computing services of DreamCompute. Private Chef has resulted in a number of benefits for DreamHost, including consistent expenditure cuts, high flexibility and reduced cost of providing services to customers.

DreamCompute is a public cloud platform managed by OpenStack, offering a cost-effective computing solution that is extremely flexible, with enhanced security and high scalability. On the other hand, DreamCompute is an economical object storage service backed by Ceph, and is an ideal storage solution for organizations of all sizes as well as individuals.

“DreamHost is on a mission to empower any individual or organization to easily and inexpensively create content, applications and more on the Internet,” said Carl Perry, Cloud Architect at DreamHost. “Engineering our solutions to achieve this mission begins with powerful open source platforms like Ceph and OpenStack, and picks up speed from Private Chef, which lets us build for scale, design for uptime and deliver unmatched services, all with little to no manual management.”

“DreamHost is answering the entrepreneur and developer appetite for massively scalable cloud storage and computing capacity with unique services combining deep hosting expertise with cloud scale and data center reliability,” said Adam Jacob, Chief Customer Officer of Opscode. “By using Opscode Private Chef to automate its Ceph and OpenStack-powered services, DreamHost is enabling businesses to store and process limitless amounts of data and run web-scale applications on the Internet with the security of traditional data center infrastructure.”

Private Chef is responsible for complete automation of resource configuration, deployment and various other functionalities of DreamHost’s DreamCompute and DreamObjects. With Private Chef, DreamHost has been able to effectively run its infrastructure while minimizing resources and costs. These cost savings are transmitted to the customers all over the globe in the form of reduced prices.

Benefits to Customers

Saves Time

Management operations of DreamHost that once required manual labor are now carried out by thousands of virtual and physical servers, all managed by just 14 full-time employees. This saves a considerable amount of time, which can be put to better use i.e. focusing on important task and increasing efficiency, which in turn leads to innovation in the company. As a result, DreamHost can introduce DreamObjects and DreamCompute to the market quickly, along with reducing costs for customers.

Ensures Consistency

PrivateChef allows DreamHost’s IT staff to write a code, use it and then reuse it again several times. Apart from that, it also guarantees the availability of pre-configured resources that match the specifications of the model and can be used again, removing any possibility of human error.

Greater Flexibility

PrivateChef has resulted in improved flexibility for DreamHost to adapt to changes, by rationalizing the entire process from the formation stage until the release, and reducing the diversion between its development and operations. This would ensure continuous expansion for DreamHost and scalability of the demand beforehand.

About Opscode

Opscode is a leading cloud infrastructure automation company catering to companies of all sizes by providing them with easy-to-scale, fully automated server infrastructures. These servers can be reconstructed in no time at all, resulting in time as well as cost savings for the company. Opscode’s competent and expert web infrastructure team is involved in the development and management of a few of the world’s leading websites and cloud computing platforms. For more information, please visit

About DreamHost

DreamHost – a globally recognized Web and cloud-hosting provider – serves more than 330,000 customers and has hosted around 1.2 million blogs, websites and apps. A wide variety of Web and cloud hosting solutions are offered by DreamHost, such as Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated Server Hosting, Domain Name Registration, cloud storage services, DreamObjects, and DreamCompute. For further information, please visit

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