May 24, 2024

Duracell To Provide 2TB On-premises and Unlimited Cloud Storage At Just US$199

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Duracell To Provide 2TB On-premises and Unlimited Cloud Storage At Just US$199

Duracell, an American batteries and smart power system manufacturer has just stepped into the cloud business by offering limited on-premises as well as unlimited cloud storage. This new cloud service provider claims its services 250-1000 times faster than other cloud competitors in the market.

The fully managed data storage service is provided through StorZon Technology. This technology is the consolidation of most reliable and cost effective storage systems. It provides 4 in 1 Cloud including Personal cloud, Private cloud, Public cloud, and Mobile cloud, while the convergence of these would be demanded by clients.

Duracell’s StorZon based cloud also offers 4 in 1 Feature Set that lets you Synchronize folders between local, public, private clouds and mobile devices. Folders can also be Shared between these clouds and your own devices as well as third party devices. Through this feature set, you can Store in secure encrypted backups locally as well as on cloud, and Save these backups according to a company’s data archival policies. Moreover, 4 in 1 Storage creates two copies of mirrored data on StorZon Cloud Attendant and Geo Diverse Data Centers.

The pricing of this new cloud storage model is highly competitive with US$199 per month. The price is not accompanied with any hidden or extra charges, covering the cost of all services and features. The monthly payments would be made on a simple one year contract, while the cost remains constant. Among the value added fermium services is the 24x7x365 sales and technical support service.

Duracell To Provide 2TB On-premises and Unlimited Cloud Storage At Just US$199

Files, data and media stored on Duracell cloud is easy to access and retrieve through easy-to-use online File manager, while settings can be changed via online control panel. It also allows easy file transfer with its drag and drop feature. Duracell Cloud is widely compatible with platforms and devices like Windows phone, iPhone, iPad, and Android OS. All these have their respective applications.

Duracell Cloud offers a number of value-added services without requiring additional dollars. Whether these are software/app upgrades or lifetime hardware refresh, they do it for free. Other features of Duracell Cloud include: File Versioning, File Sharing, Encrypted Storage and transport, full computer backup and restore, incremental backup and restore, geo-redundant storage, hourly backups with 100% syncing, network drive support, Native and Server agents.

Duracell is a subsidiary of Global Gillette, which is itself a product division of Proctor & Gamble. The market positioning of Duracell is somewhat similar to that of Gillette itself. Gillette was found on the idea of providing free razors to the customers and just charging for the new blades. By employing this strategy, the company was able to earn from its customers in the long run. Now, its subsidiary Duracell is following the same path by giving away the storage consoles and charging customers a fixed rate per month.

For now, the cloud provider has services limited to businesses and individuals within United States. However, they would surely be intending to expand their reach and compete in a broader and more competitive environment.

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