June 19, 2024

Hosting Ireland to Launch New Cloud Shared Hosting

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One of the Ireland’s web hosting companies, Hosting Ireland, on Wednesday, proclaimed its new cloud computing platform to fulfill the rising requests for cloud based web hosting services. Hosting Ireland will soon include SaaS applications and virtual data center solutions to its cloud services range.

Although Europe cannot compete with the North American market for cloud computing, Dublin, which has been a cloud infrastructure center for both Amazon’s and Microsoft’s public cloud services, continues to perform well. Conversely, the exclusion here is that the cloud computing platforms of Amazon and Microsoft have yet to be dispersed to the local European regions.

Jonathan Bate, managing director, Hosting Ireland said, “Our platform will streamline customers’ movement to the cloud and make cloud hosting available to the masses.  In particular our Cloud Server will accelerate time to market and lower their cost for deploying new applications. If you have a simple one page website or a complex high traffic eCommerce solution you can avail of the benefits of the cloud”.

The launch of Hosting Ireland’s cloud hosting services will prove to be a hit among cloud customers, whose demands regarding cloud hosting services have been increasing. Furthermore, it will offer rapid deployment and upgraded services for all customers. This cloud server solution will assist customers to install multifarious applications, with added security and cost-effectiveness, on demand, within hours by providing high accessibility, scalability and quick distribution. Resources can be increased or reduced by certain degrees, as required, and customers would only be required to pay for what they require and use.

By picking central processing units, random access memory and disk space simultaneously, the new online configuration tool will allow customers to carry out configuration for a cloud server rapidly and effortlessly.

Hosting Ireland is one of Ireland’s renowned domain registration and web hosting companies, providing domain names and Cloud website hosting services to industries across Europe.

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