February 24, 2024

Is Cloud Storage Right For Your Company?

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When it comes to data storage, many business owners cling to the belief that keeping data on-site will keep it safe. Although the security of stored data is a worthwhile concern, concluding that the cloud is an unsafe platform and refusing to consider virtual storage as an option may cost a business money, efficiency and access. Many business owners who switch to cloud hosting find that the risks are well worth the rewards.

Is Cloud Storage Right For Your Company?

Do you want to Save Money?

An important point business owners should keep in mind about cloud storage is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. The price of cloud hosting depends on the amount of space, the amount of bandwidth and the services a company requires. Since cloud hosting spares the upfront cost of buying a company server, start-ups often see instant savings, and since many cloud companies also provide technical support, small businesses can save on initial IT costs as well.

Even established businesses have the potential to find savings in the cloud. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, property storage business USstoragesearch.com saved $7,000 in monthly IT services by switching to cloud-based services.

Do you want Flexibility?

Although cost may be the most important advantage that cloud storage provides small businesses, according to Startup Nation, accessibility runs a close second. Although information on an on-site company server is generally tethered to that location, cloud-based data can be accessed from anywhere, providing ultimate flexibility when it comes to running a business. With the ability to access data at any time from any location, business owners can handle client and customer requests quickly and take care of problems that arise expeditiously.

Do you want Automation?

Viruses and hackers can threaten data security, but a far more common cause of data loss is failure to perform regular backups. Data stored in only one location may be lost due to anything from physical disaster, such as floods and fires, to server corruption or theft. Backing up on-site data to a virtual host protects it in the event of a server accident.

Most cloud storage hosting services provide the tools a company needs to back up data automatically. By setting up regular cloud backups in advance, a business owner can ensure that data is always stored in two places at once, making data recovery simple if disaster strikes.

Do you want Security Solutions?

A few security breaches within cloud hosting companies have made headlines, but that doesn’t make cloud storage an inherently unsafe option. On-site business data can be hacked, too. Since the ability of cloud companies to keep customer data safe is their bread and butter, cloud hosts often update their security solutions with greater frequency, which means a cloud server may well be safer than an on-site server as far as antivirus protection and firewalls are concerned. Businesses can protect themselves by researching cloud companies and finding out about the security measures they have in place. Boston University even recommends diligent research for personal cloud storage.

Taking advantage of the many benefits cloud storage offers requires throwing off doubts and testing the waters. If potential savings, flexibility, and simplified back-ups can benefit your business, cloud storage is probably right for your company.

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