June 19, 2024

Management Studies: How To Choose Project Managers Who Can Build Your Brand

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While every single employee you hire will be a representative of your company, your project managers can make or break your business. These team leaders must be your eyes and ears on the ground floor of your company, and that is why it is so important that you choose individuals who are completely devoted to building your brand.

Find People Who Are Smarter Than You

The greatest CEOs realize that they do not know everything and must surround themselves with managers who are smarter than them and have different perspectives. While these team leaders might be your subordinates, they must have leadership traits of their own if they are going to be on your management team. Within most successful companies, the middle management is comprised of complementary individuals who all bring something different to the table.

Keep an Eye on Entry-Level Employees

If you have noticed an employee demonstrating any leadership skills, then you should consider hiring from within. Even if they do not have the proper training or schooling, nurturing an entry-level employee can be an excellent investment. Helping them go back to school to achieve their Masters in Project Management or another similar degree will boost their loyalty and give you a staff member who can always be counted on.

Don’t Focus on Hard Skills

While it is always nice to hire employees who have hard skills such as programming experience, that is not always necessary in management positions. You are going to need leaders who have excellent soft skills such as problem-solving, goal setting, and self-motivation. Many business owners focus too heavily on technical skills without realizing that managers who have soft skills are just as invaluable.

Get Feedback From Your Staff

You are going to have the final say when it comes time to make a decision, but your current staff might have some good insight regarding the applicants. One excellent way to get feedback from your employees is to have one or two of them sit in on the interview with you. The potential candidate could be their new manager for years to come, and it is important that they mesh well with your company’s culture and everyone they will be working with.

Good leaders can deal with the countless day-to-day challenges that your company is going to run into. With the proper hiring and training practices, you can rest assured that your managers will become a strong foundation for your business as you continue to grow.

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