June 19, 2024

Newvem Will Now Be Monitoring Azure Cloud

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Amazon’s cloud Newvem that monitors Amazon Web Services will now be offering cloud optimization and analytics services to other clouds as well.

Newvem, a cloud monitoring service owned and utilized by Amazon, has expanded its reach to Microsoft Windows Azure. According to the Newvem CEO Zev Laderman, as compared to startups, the big organization  requirements for public cloud are a lot different.  “Azure is exactly the perfect extension of the data center,” he said.

Newvem is developed for supporting cloud vendors in dealing with cloud matters, and has recognized itself by monitoring Amazon Web Services. It provides services like cloud optimization, security checking, and is also used for the management of cloud. As per Laderman, with the extension of services to Azure, the company is revisiting its roots in enterprises. “Microsoft’s Azure, a billion dollar business, is a “best-kept secret in enterprise.

For Windows Azure, Newvem will be offering services such as costs pictorial representation of the cloud, accounting, and utilization inclination. The service package also has techniques for cloud optimization that will create variable views of our cloud usage, and align it with the business goals. It will also be giving its pattern recognition tools used for identifying cloud consumption patterns, i.e. regular peaks, bursts, and trends.

According to Cameron Peron, Newvem’s VP marketing, “heat map” enables users to envision the workloads when they move from on-site implementation to the cloud. The beta version of “heat map” is freely available to each Azure user. Though at the outset, Newvem was providing free services, with the base level facilities to AWS, but later in late 2012, the company decided to charge for its premium services.

Since Azure recently has come up with Amazon Web Service (AWS) akin Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Newvem sees it as a “gaining traction”. It finds Azure appealing because Microsoft is already a huge enterprise and the businesses as per their requirements shift the workloads between personalized servers to cloud servers, without any glitches. Hence, a company with an exploratory new project can initially get its computing needs fulfilled on Azure, and later with steady workloads can shift into a corporate data center.

With Microsoft backing Newvem on its marketing channels, introducing Newvem’s solution into Azure store will be beneficial for Newvem in the marketplace because of mutual retailing efforts. Laderman calls Microsoft “partner-centric” and appreciated the support provided by Microsoft, and particularly by Bill Hilf, Microsoft’s general manager for Azure.

In a statement Hilf said that through Windows Azure, Microsoft tries to delegate control to customers to set up applications and infrastructure that serve their business in the finest way. Newvem’s inspection of Windows Azure usage enables users to get greater insights, which would guide them not only to save money, but also help them in optimizing the utilization of Windows Azure.

As per Laderman, Newvem will continue with its Amazon offerings, however with latest Azure products, it has huge revenue and growth prospects. He added that this new venture will help Newvem, as a company, reach to the next level.

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