July 18, 2024

Office 365 ― Cloud Platform For Businesses

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Computing giants are keen to provide cloud-based platforms, specifically at the enterprise levels to make migration from the legacy systems to cloud easy. Microsoft, with the advent of Windows Azure cloud has been elevating its performance and serviceability in the cloud computing domains.

And now, Office 365, another pearl in the progression castle of Microsoft marks the best cloud computing integration with its orientation towards business. Cloud-based architecture of Office 365 allows secure remote data processing, email sharing, collaborative computing, progress tracking, data sharing and much more, in a very smart and productive way. Gone are the days when on-premise data storage was used in most of the platforms in enterprises amid the elevation in the data security needs. All data can be accessed now from the cloud, without any risks of data breaches since cloud experts have made state-of-the-art security of most of the algorithms being used around the world in cloud-based virtualizations.

Office 365 ― Cloud Platform For Businesses

Organizations are looking forward to adapt this best in-class subscription-based cloud service in order to transform the lethal native computing solutions to the cloud, where there will be no dependencies. For example, Office 365 offers robust corporate email systems for organizations looking to polish their communication system in terms of security and agility. The integration of Microsoft tools and software, i.e. Microsoft Exchange, along with famous desktop applications including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher is proving the ease of creating collaborative infrastructure, across the cloud for organizations.

The security in Office 365 services is quite strong; offering secure third-party integration through SSL-based techniques and certificate authentication. With tools like the popular SharePoint document sharing and management systems and advanced conferencing platform (Lync),  multi-platform organizations can conform to the emerging trends of IaaS-based cloud resource sharing and use Office 365 in a way that will best serve their purpose.

Office 365 also offers a complete “cloud-based chatting mechanism” with instant messaging, HD video facility, and the ability to see who’s available to contact. The latest release for the Office 365 has removed all the vulnerabilities and drawbacks of cloud integration with the browsers and now, you can enjoy cloud services of Microsoft, just by installing the thin client solution. There are no crashes and the hypervisor of Microsoft is improved for multi-threading across third-party platforms ― thus revamping the service as a whole.

The new Office 365 provides aesthetically pleasing cloud-based dashboard to manage your documents, resources, organize email service and much more. Secure 25 GB inbox for the emails with massive support for spam filtering are some of the prominent features. The cloud sessions also help maintain the thread lifetime based on choice.

Moreover, organizations can move their Microsoft apps to the cloud with Office 365, and remove all the software and hardware level dependencies. You can even use Microsoft Azure to set up platform-as-a-service offerings, enabling yourself and the organization to start developing cloud-based environments, without any dependencies and/or machine latencies.

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